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ISBA Ethics Opinions on Former Client

  • Representation of new client in matter in which former client in unrelated matter may testify against new client : 05-01
  • Lawyer representing trust beneficiary against former client trust in unrelated matter : 98-01
  • Brief but substantive discussion with plaintiff in dispute with university does not preclude attorney joining university legal staff : 95-04
  • Representation of one spouse against the other spouse (and former client) : 94-15
  • Representing clients in a matter related to, but consistent with the interests of, a former client : 93-18
  • Use of client information subsequent to representation : 92-22
  • Negotiating leases adverse to former client : 91-11
  • Representation of estate (including judgment debtor beneficiary) adverse to former client judgment creditor : 91-05
  • Representing spouse in dissolution of marriage where lawyer formerly represented both spouses in various matters : 90-05
  • Lawyer representing interests adverse to former client and using confidential, but public, information : 88-07
  • Lawyers obligations to a client are not transferred to another when client transfers interest in the subject matter of the representation : 86-17
  • Representing spouse against other spouse who is former client : 86-06
  • Lawyer representing client against spouse of former client : 85-11
  • Representing party against former client : 790
  • Representation adverse to former client in unrelated matter : 753
  • Lawyer representing client against former lawyer client’s client : 724
  • Law firm representation of defendant in personal injury matter adverse to position of former client (now plaintiff) in traffic matter arising out of same matter : 704
  • Law firm representing party seeking amendments to contract that law firm drafted on behalf of former client : 691