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Legal tech: Smartphone tips

By Peter LaSorsa It is probably easier to find an attorney who still uses a typewriter than one who doesn’t own a Smartphone — although they are probably one in the same.  Here are a few tips that may help you become more productive or just get more out of your current phone. For Blackberry owners, make sure you are always updating the device software. Desktop Software 5.0.01 is the latest and greatest. There will be an application on your phone that says Wireless updates — click to update the latest software. You can also go to the Research in Motion website to download the latest version. When you finish downloading, launch the Blackberry Desktop Manager and click Backup And Restore from the Main Menu. Click on the Options button under Backup and you can enable or disable the device memory backup and file encryption. You can also automatically backup the device with these settings. For iPhone users, one tip when viewing long documents or web pages, instead of scrolling back and forth, tap the top edge of the visible screen (where you see the time, battery meter and network provider). The page will rapidly scroll to the top of the document or page. Another tip for iPhone users is to not spend time typing .com or www. Simply highlight the URL field in Safari, tap the X to clear it and type the name of the domain you wish to go to — for example ISBA and you will automatically be taken to The browser will not only take you to the website adding the .org prefix but also will check to see is there is a mobile version of the website.
Posted on July 1, 2010 by Chris Bonjean
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