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Legal Tech: Microsoft to release new mobile operating system

By Peter LaSorsa For those of you that utilize a mobile phone with a Microsoft operating system, this new release by Microsoft may be of interest to you.  Mango is Microsoft’s latest release supporting Windows Phone 7 and has a number of features not previously available — although Mango won’t come out until later this year. The features include Lync support, email enhancements, and connectivity to Office 365. The email enhancements seem to be a marked improvement and include pinnable folders. Pinnable folders allow the user to take a folder and pin it to the Windows Phone start screen.  There will also be conversation views, just like in the desktop version of Outlook.  In the mobile version the conversations will have a vertical line showing more than one email in the thread and they will be indented.  Finally, there will be a feature called server search that will allow the user to search for archived messages. Lync is a desktop application that allows, presence, instant messaging, desktop sharing and audio and video chat.   The mobile version in Mango will only bring the presence and instant messaging features.   This doesn’t seem to be too big a deal; I mean if you have a mobile phone you already have “audio” chat don’t you? The final major group of features is Office 365.  Basically, you will be able to save documents in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Notes and share them through the Office 365 online service and Windows Live SkyDrive. I don’t utilize the Microsoft operating platform on my Smartphone but for those of you that do, you may find the new release in Mango helpful. Peter LaSorsa can be reached at He also publishes a blog at
Posted on June 2, 2011 by Chris Bonjean
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