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Legal Tech: Get a free analysis of your web site

By Peter LaSorsa One word most people like to hear is free. There is a program on the Internet that will give you a free analysis of your web site. The program is called Webmastercoffee and it is available at So why should you go to this web site and have your URL checked? Well the web site not only provides feedback on important items it also gives recommendations on how to improve your web site—read that as improve your web site for increased rankings.  It is very easy to get started; you just go to the web site and type in your URL. Here are a list of the important items this website will check and why the items are important to you. I am leaving out some of what will be checked and if you go to the website you can read additional information on what I left off. First it gives a summary of the analysis and then it provides details of the analysis. A major category it analyzes is Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) Keywords.  The keyword analysis examines the frequency of the words on a web page together with their location. This is important because when a person does a search the search engine will return search results based on many things (the algorithm) and SEO Keywords are a major piece of the algorithm. Second, it will tell you about the SEO onsite information. This is important because it gets information about the onsite structure of the web site and gives you valuable knowledge to optimize the structure of a web site to be better found by the search engines. Third is the SEO HTML title that tells you how long the title is and recommendations for improving it. The title of a HTML page is one of the most relevant elements on a page and very important from a search engine's perspective. The last item I will cover is the Tracker—in the case of my website Google Analytics.  This will show you what analytics if any are running on your website and if you utilize Google Analytics, Google will deliver comprehensive statistics about a site's traffic. This will include the number of unique visitors, browser information, languages, screen resolution, location and more. Visiting this website and getting an analysis is easy and I recommend you do this for your web site and blog. Peter LaSorsa can be reached at He also publishes a blog at
Posted on June 16, 2011 by Chris Bonjean
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