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Web Meetings Can Keep You Connected to Clients, Colleagues

It's likely you have attended a "webinar" recently for a remote CLE seminar or training program. While webinars have introduced us to attending a seminar from the comfort of our own office (or couch, for that matter), you can use the same technology for meetings with clients, co-workers, and colleagues.

A web meeting is displayed on a computer screen (maybe with a shared PowerPoint or other presentation). The audio portion is either transmitted simultaneously over the telephone or by using the computer's microphone and speakers.

Let's say your client gets some bad news about a case and you really need to go over your last communication from opposing counsel with them. They can't get to your office and you can't get to them until next week. But if you both have time right now, you could jump on a web meeting, share your screen, bring up the letter opposing counsel sent, and go over it together. Instead of waiting days or weeks for a live meeting, you can address an issue with the right people the moment it comes up.

For more about web meetings and how to make them work, read Jennifer Ramovs' article in the February Illinois Bar Journal. And, if you're an ISBA member, view the chart comparing online meeting providers in PracticeHQ.

Posted on February 14, 2018 by Mark S. Mathewson