Online voting in ISBA elections

To all ISBA members:

As we near the 2011 election for ISBA offices, I want to give you advance notice of important changes being made – changes that can make it easier for you to cast your vote and that, over time, will reduce the cost of conducting elections for the Association.

We are introducing the option of electronic voting for the first time this spring, and it is truly an option – all members will be able to choose to vote either electronically or by paper ballot.

Here’s what this will mean from your perspective:

  • If you have provided ISBA with your email address, you will receive a ballot by email from our vendor, VR Election Services, along with instructions about securely casting your vote electronically. However, if you prefer, you will have the option to request a paper ballot after receiving the email.
  • If you have not provided ISBA with an email address or if the address we have for you is not a valid, functioning address, you will receive a paper ballot and voting instructions through regular mail. Included with the instructions will be information about how to vote electronically if you so choose.

The electronic voting will be conducted for ISBA by VR Election Services, an experienced vendor that has conducted electronic voting for several other bar associations. We have confidence in their ability to conduct our election accurately and with the necessary protection of the voters’ privacy.

The 2011 election will begin with ballot distribution between March 25 and April 1 to the appropriate ISBA members for each contested election. Members receiving email ballots will have until April 15 to request a paper ballot.

ISBA approved giving members the option of electronic voting as a way to encourage greater voter participation in choosing ISBA officers, Board and Assembly members. We hope it will be popular with a large percentage of our members so we can realize dollar savings in printing and mailing costs in years to come.

After the 2011 election, we will be evaluating the electronic voting process. Your comments will be welcome at that time.


Mark D. Hassakis, President