Used by thousands of attorneys across the country, ROSS is a legal research service powered by artificial intelligence for U.S. law, designed to find the best law to support your strategy in seconds. Using ROSS, lawyers can finish their research in minutes and find laws that were virtually impossible to find before.

ROSS differentiates itself by being able to answer complex legal research questions that you can formulate in plain language - just like you’d ask a knowledgeable colleague. What this means is that a lawyer can type in their question, and in seconds, ROSS will read its entire database of U.S. laws and return a curated set of the most relevant passages.

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Members of The Illinois State Bar receive a free 14-day trial (no credit card entry required), and those who become customers following their trial will receive a 10% member discount with the promotional code IllinoisBar, along with unlimited usage of the software. Up to date instructional videos and live chat support are available immediately upon signing up, and within 5 minutes a new user will be completely comfortable researching on ROSS. If you’d like a personalized 1-1 demo, you can schedule one with the ROSS team.

ROSS is an affordable choice for legal research with plans starting at just $69 per month.

With ROSS, you are joining good company. Our customers include the world’s largest law firms, elite mid-sized boutiques, and entrepreneurial solo practitioners.