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Good lawyers know that their support staff make them look good, keep their clients happy, and save the firm money on a regular basis.


  • Mason Cole
    The Bottom Line, September 2017

    Choosing a partner to embark on the challenge of launching a business should be approached similarly to finding a life partner.

  • Samantha Swartz
    Bench & Bar, August 2017

    Judge Walker's second summer extern, Samantha Swartz, says while it's assumed that millennials are naturally gifted when it comes to technology, it's better to say that they're ready and willing to adapt to tech challenges.

  • John W. Olmstead
    The Bottom Line, May 2016

    Getting the right “partner dynamic”—and a positive partner relations culture—is the key ingredient and the core basic building block of a successful law firm. It is the foundation for the firm.

  • Illinois Bar Journal, February 2016

    Don't forget to consider the cost of training.

  • Amber L. Mikula
    YLDNews, August 2015

    In order to be prepared to start your own practice, you should start out by establishing an organizational plan, including staff job descriptions, policies and procedures, document control, and file checklists.

  • Laura D. Mruk
    The Corporate Lawyer, February 2015

    As of January 1, 2015, Illinois has enacted two new laws that impact most employers. 

  • Janan Hanna
    Illinois Bar Journal, September 2013

    Employee theft is an all-too-common occurrence. Experts advise lawyers how not to be victims.

  • John W. Olmstead
    The Bottom Line, April 2013

    Just because the associate has been a good associate does not mean that the associate will be a good partner—the relationship will be different.

  • John W. Olmstead
    The Bottom Line, June 2011

    Can compensation make a difference in a partner's motivation, performance, and contribution to the firm?

  • Helen W. Gunnarsson
    Illinois Bar Journal, March 2011

    Recruiting employees and letting them go are both fraught with legal pitfalls. Here's how you can help your clients and your own firm avoid HR missteps.

  • Michael R. Lied
    The Bottom Line, March 2010

    Some highlights of the law of hiring and employment-- A must-read for any attorney who is also an employer.

  • Toby Paulose
    The Bottom Line, February 2009

    An overview of the processes that recruiters use when looking for that special job candidate. Also included are some tips on what to look for in a resume and and the types of questions you should ask to get the information that you are looking for during a face to face interview..

  • Karen Erger
    Illinois Bar Journal, October 2008

    Don't think your support staff can make or break you? Think again.

  • Mel Muskovitz
    The Counselor, June 2007

    Over the past several years, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has received an increase in the number of charges alleging religious discrimination.

  • Helen W. Gunnarsson
    Illinois Bar Journal, May 2007

    Some things Illinois lawyers and law firms should think about before making a lateral move or hire.

  • Thomas A. Bruno
    Bench & Bar, October 2006

    Caselaw to consider when interviewing prospective employees.

  • Karen Erger
    Illinois Bar Journal, October 2005

    You teach by example – is your example worth emulating?

  • Richard L. Samson
    The Bottom Line, September 2005

    Employers face an ever-increasing thicket of laws and regulations governing their workplaces.

  • SueAnn Sage Billimack
    The Counselor, October 2004

    Business lawyers are frequently called upon to advise their clients with respect to employment terminations.

  • Jeffrey A. Mollet
    Agricultural Law, August 2004

    Tips to help you find the right employee.

  • Paul Sullivan
    Illinois Bar Journal, April 2004

    If you can't seem to catch up to your workload, it may be time to bring in help. Here are some of your options.

  • John W. Olmstead
    The Bottom Line, April 2004

    Many law firms are struggling with compensation systems that no longer meet the needs of the firm and the individual partners. Failure to explore alternatives to failing systems often result in partner dissatisfaction, leading to partner defections and disintegration of the firm.

  • Bernard Kliska
    The Counselor, February 2004

    If you think firing a long-time employee is difficult, try firing one who is a family member. As daunting the task, sometimes it’s necessary.

  • Mary Beth Beazley
    Illinois Bar Journal, October 1999

    Last month's column urged employers to assess the writing skills of prospective hires; this month, learn how to get the writing sample you need.

  • Maureen B. Collins
    Illinois Bar Journal, September 1999

    Here's how to screen prospective hires for good legal writing skills.

  • Anne E. Thar
    Illinois Bar Journal, February 1999

    Think the unthinkable; put safeguards in place to protect yourself from theft and embezzlement by employees and colleagues.

  • Laura Walsh
    Illinois Bar Journal, November 1998

    Saying "no'' to job applicants is never pleasant, but here's how to make rejection letters less painful for sender and recipient

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