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Client Development

  • Karen Erger
    Illinois Bar Journal, October 2017

    Dread the meet-and-greet time built into professional conferences? Here are tips for making the most of your next networking event.

  • Samantha Dudzinski
    YLDNews, August 2017

    Is practicing downstate really any different from practicing in Cook or collar counties? Well, yes and no.

  • Nicole Sartori
    The Bottom Line, October 2016

    Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of charging a consultation fee, one must consider the type of client they are seeking and the type of law they are practicing.

  • Mark C. Palmer
    Standing Committee on Legal Technology, May 2016

    Lawyers need to educate themselves on how Avvo and other rating systems are formulated before participating in them, and be vigilant about the accuracy of the information used for such calculations and what is displayed to the public

  • Ed Finkel
    Illinois Bar Journal, November 2015

    In a tough legal marketplace, putting clients first and providing excellent service is a must. It starts with putting yourself in the client's place.

  • Illinois Bar Journal, November 2015

    Making clients happy isn't just about good legal outcomes - it's also about good customer service.

  • Corey Varma
    YLDNews, October 2015

    When someone types your name into a search engine, what will they see? Use these 10 tips to improve what future employers, clients and adversaries may learn about you online.

  • Nicole Sartori
    The Bottom Line, September 2015

    Why should you write a legal blog or 'blawg,' as the tech guys call it? Because it can generate leads, establishes you as a leader in your field among your colleagues, and it can be a stress reliever.

  • Ed Finkel
    Illinois Bar Journal, March 2015

    Lawyers and practice advisers explain the importance of strategic planning to long-term success.

  • Joshua Herman
    YLDNews, June 2014

    How becoming involved in a local bar association, the ISBA, or a community organization can help you successfully grow your business as a young lawyer.

  • Janan Hanna
    Illinois Bar Journal, May 2014

    Choosing the right clients and managing their expectations may be the two most important jobs for any family law practitioner.

  • Ed Finkel
    Illinois Bar Journal, June 2013

    How do you attract new clients and retain existing ones in this economy? Consultants and Illinois lawyers offer battle-tested tips.

  • John W. Olmstead
    The Bottom Line, June 2013

    Law firms that fail to address leadership issues may find themselves unprepared for the future and unable to acquire new clients and retain existing clients.

  • Jeff Krause
    Standing Committee on Legal Technology, June 2012

    There is business out there, much of it just waiting for whoever simply makes the effort to pick it up.

  • Erin E. Wright
    YLDNews, April 2011

    Potential clients and the public at large are online and are likely searching for you. Put your best foot forward by introducing yourself in a variety of online forums that are free, relatively easy to use, and exceptionally effective at increasing the value of your personal brand.

  • Byron G. Sabol
    The Challenge, February 2011

    Clients do business with, and refer business to, lawyers they know, like, and trust. By focusing marketing efforts on the strategies outlined in this article, women lawyers will become better known and liked by clients.

  • Richard Davis
    The Bottom Line, June 2010

    A few things you should be doing to “market” to your current clients so they don’t wander.

  • Donald E. Weihl
    The Bottom Line, December 2009

    Have your clients stopped calling? Is your daily mail just bills?

  • Jean A. Kenol
    YLDNews, June 2008

    One of the most intimidating and daunting thoughts for any lawyer who decides to embark on a solo or small practice is wondering where the clients will come from.

  • Michael Cummings
    Barry Schneider
    YLDNews, April 2007

    Take control of your career by embracing the entrepreneurial mindset and active behavior of a rainmaker.

  • Trey Ryder
    YLDNews, August 2005

    Don't underestimate the importance of your agreement as both a legal and marketing document. Because if prospects aren't comfortable with your agreement, they may not sign it--and all your prior legal marketing efforts have been for naught

  • Donald E. Weihl
    The Bottom Line, January 2005

    In the March, 1995 issue of The Bottom Line (Vol. 16, No. 3), an article appeared entitled "Rainmaking." The article included 10 suggestions in the form of practice tips for improving a lawyer's ability to attract business.

  • Trey Ryder
    YLDNews, October 2004

    If you're like most lawyers, you know the value of speaking with a prospective client over the telephone before your first meeting.

  • John L. Nisivaco
    YLDNews, August 2004

    Most lawyers understand the importance of networking, but they aren't sure how to do it.

  • Michael Cummings
    YLDNews, February 2004

    It is natural at this time of year to set goals for the upcoming year. So, what kind of results do you want to create for your personal practice this year?

  • Carl R. Draper
    The Bottom Line, January 2004

    When the new prospective client walks in your office, what is the first impression? What do they see and hear as they sit in the reception area, on the way to your office, and in your office? The answer may not be obvious. An "impression audit" is in order for most offices.

  • Dr. John W. Olmstead Jr.
    The Bottom Line, March 2003

    Gone are the days when attorneys simply practiced law. Today, they face increased competition, shrinking demand for services and increasing supply of professional talent, availability of service substitutes, and marketing of professional services.

  • Lawrence M. Khon
    Robert N. Kohn
    The Bottom Line, March 2003

    While the obstacles to selling are real, they can be overcome.

Marketing Ethics

  • Janan Hanna
    Illinois Bar Journal, March 2014

    Sites like Avvo that rate lawyers and encourage consumer reviews are evoking reaction positive and negative in the legal community – and posing interesting ethical challenges.

  • Charles J. Northrup
    Illinois Bar Journal, October 2013

    A recent Virginia case offers dos and don'ts for lawyer blogging.

  • Helen W. Gunnarsson
    Illinois Bar Journal, October 2011

    A look at the special ethical challenges that arise when lawyers use Facebook, Twitter and the like and how to address them.

  • Karen Erger
    Illinois Bar Journal, December 2008

    Make sure your ads and other communications to the public don't violate ethics rules.

  • Helen W. Gunnarsson
    Illinois Bar Journal, May 2006

    Go forth and blog, experts say, but not without educating yourself about relevant ethical issues. 

ISBA Advisory Opinions on Professional Conduct

  • 06-02, 96-10 Electronic mail
  • 03-05 Business cards
  • 93-10 In-person solicitation for pecuniary gain
  • 90-37 Initiating contact with potential clients
  • 763 Advertising books and articles by lawyer author
  • 749 Yellow pages
  • 727 Seminars – solicitation of business

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