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The ISBA's web page on Pro Bono Opportunities and Information for Lawyers informs members of pro bono opportunities available to Illinois lawyers through various legal service providers and also contains articles about pro bono opportunities and the experiences other lawyers have had participating in pro bono.


  • Kathryn Conway
    YLDNews, October 2016

    Especially for young lawyers and law students, the ability to provide volunteer legal services is an opportunity to not only create a positive impact on your community but also to gain valuable experience working with real-life clients.

  • Sandra Crawford
    In the Alternative, January 2016

    The Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois and the Health & Disability Advocates of Warrior to Warrior have rolled out a pro bono program to bring the Collaborative Practice model of divorce dispute resolution to Illinois Army National Guard Veterans and their families.

  • Michael G. Bergmann
    Karen Munoz
    Elder Law, December 2015

    In 2003, low-income Illinoisans attempted to resolve approximately 875,000 legal problems on their own. Given the challenging economic times and the significant cuts in federal and state funding to legal aid since 2003, there is little doubt that these problems have been exacerbated rather than reduced.

  • James A. Clark
    Edward Casmere
    Bench & Bar, September 2015

    A look at some of the reasons to provide pro bono work.

  • Cheryl Lipton
    The Catalyst, July 2014

    The Pro Bono Network has developed a winning model that provides fully-committed legal representation and services to those in need of help.

  • Sally K. Kolb
    Family Law, February 2014

    Learn more about the pro bono opportunities available with the Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc.

  • Tracy Douglas
    Trusts & Estates, June 2013

    Public administrators and public guardians serve an important role in Illinois by helping with estate administration and protecting the interests of disabled adults.

  • Federal Taxation, March 2013

    Pro bono opportunities for tax attorneys.

  • Timothy J. Storm
    Administrative Law, February 2013

    So much of what a great many solo and small firm practitioners do every day may be rightly described as pro bono publico—for the public good—in the fullest and truest sense.

  • John T. Phipps
    General Practice, Solo & Small Firm, January 2013

    As we start the new year it is a good time to take a fresh look at how we screen our cases and what we do when we hear “I need your help but I have no money.”

  • Jennifer Sellers Wong
    YLDNews, June 2012

    Assist a not-for-profit corporation obtain a 501(c)(3) status and help a charitable organization while earning pro bono legal hours for yourself. 

  • The Globe, February 2010

    The National Immigrant Justice Center periodically publishes a list of cases for which pro bono attorneys are needed to represent asylum seekers and other immigrants in need of protection.

  • Michael G. Bergmann
    YLDNews, December 2009

    Bailouts, stimulus packages and an unsteady stock market are all common themes of these difficult economic times. You can’t watch the news anymore without hearing about some aspect of the recent economic downturn. Even the legal profession has been hit hard by this recession. For many, however, this year is no different than years past. For others, they face economic and legal challenges that are both unfamiliar and daunting.

  • Jasmine V. Hernandez
    Bench & Bar, October 2009

    Practitioners throughout Illinois must file their annual registration forms with the Supreme Court of Illinois’ Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (hereinafter “ARDC”) on the first of January every year. To stay on the master roll of attorneys and comply with Rule 756(f), we must report whether we provided pro bono legal services or made monetary contributions to organizations that provide pro bono legal services in the previous year.

  • Michael G. Bergmann
    YLDNews, December 2008

    Can pro bono work translate into assisting with your career development? Absolutely!

  • John T. Phipps
    General Practice, Solo & Small Firm, September 2008

    Recently, the Illinois Supreme Court adopted a change to Supreme Court Rule 756 (j) that allows inactive and retired lawyers to represent pro bono clients without being required to pay the active lawyer registration fee or comply with mandatory CLE requirements.

  • John T. Phipps
    General Practice, Solo & Small Firm, May 2008

    On March 27,2008 the Illinois Supreme Court adopted a rule change that beginning July 1, 2008 will allow retired and inactive lawyers to do pro bono work in recognized non-profit programs providing legal services.

  • Jim McGrath
    The Corporate Lawyer, January 2008

    Most everyone knows about the good work done by Habitat for Humanity, but you may not know that the habitat organizations in Illinois have a need for many legal services, and many of these would be very comfortable for inside corporate attorneys to help with.

  • Howard W. Anderson III
    YLDNews, October 2007

    An acute shortage of legal aid attorneys throughout Illinois (and the rest of the country) means that all too many individuals must navigate the legal system alone.

  • Michael G. Bergmann
    Child Law, March 2007

    Celebrating its sixth anniversary in March 2007, Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) brings together in-depth and up-to-date legal content, detailed information about legal aid agencies, training sessions and events and countless opportunities for attorneys to volunteer their time doing worthy pro bono publico.

  • Hon. E. Kenneth Wright Jr.
    Bench & Bar, September 2006

    At the heart of a law license is a sense of civil responsibility, a fundamental duty not only toward the law, but to all people and the nation as a whole.

  • Hon. E. Kenneth Wright Jr.
    Bench & Bar, September 2005

    As lawyers, we need to respond to the tremendous need for legal assistance in the Chicago area.

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