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In today's competitive environment, you need tech tools to help you increase your bottom line, serve clients better, and reduce your risk of malpractice or ethics missteps.

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The ISBA is committed to helping you leverage the power of practice-oriented technology. Toward that end, we've formed partnerships with tech vendors in key areas to help you make wise choices and, in many cases, provide you with discounted services.


  • Steven J. Best
    Illinois Bar Journal, January 2017

    Your staff says your software "doesn't work," but replacing it might not be the answer. Here's what to ask to find out.

  • Jennifer Ramovs
    Illinois Bar Journal, December 2016

    The reasonable care standard doesn't stop with your phone.

  • Lisa Jungman
    Karen Tobin
    Business and Securities Law Forum, June 2016

    The advances in technology create numerous circumstances in which lawyers, through their own blunders, unwittingly reveal client confidences or violate attorney-client privilege.

  • Tracy A. Brammeier
    YLDNews, April 2016

    what if you spill coffee all over your computer, or a flood destroys the power cables, frying your hardware, and you haven’t backed up to your external hard drive in over a week? What if you need quick access to your files from another state, or need to contact your office while out of the country without racking up international charges?

  • Carrie TItus
    Standing Committee on Legal Technology, December 2015

    Some trends that you need to be aware of going into 2016 include technology available to you in court, ways that you can save your clients money by reducing time spent on tasks, and development with research and review platforms.

  • John Rammel
    Standing Committee on Legal Technology, December 2015

    An overview of the Einstein Program, launched by the Department of Homeland Security in 2004 to secure the federal government’s civilian agencies’ computer infrastructure.

  • Angie K. Robertson
    Standing Committee on Legal Technology, November 2015

    A look at some useful tips for law firm Excel (2003 and later versions) users of all levels, and highlight some of the newest features of Excel 2016 for the early adopters.

  • Ann Marie Sabath
    YLDNews, June 2015

    The author shares her voicemail etiquette tips.

  • Ann Marie Sabath
    YLDNews, April 2015

    Some suggestions and a top ten list of common e-mail mistakes.

  • Steven M. Wallace
    Standing Committee on Legal Technology, March 2015

    A few examples that show how technology can revolutionize a law practice.

  • Ed Finkel
    Illinois Bar Journal, September 2014

    The technology that can transform your practice by dramatically saving you time and money may already be in your office - if you'd just learn to use it.

  • Bryan M. Sims
    Nerino J. Petro Jr.
    Standing Committee on Legal Technology, July 2014

    Some thoughts on how to equip a law office for $1,000, $2,500 and $5,000.

  • Dan Breen
    The Bottom Line, April 2014

    The author has compiled a handy list of a few options to consider when looking for out-of-office help.

  • Ethel Spyratos
    Standing Committee on Legal Technology, March 2014

    Mobile technologies such as geo-fencing may provide enormous value to both businesses and consumers. However, the risks associated with the inappropriate dissemination of consumer information collected as a result of these technologies, can cause consumers to have concerns about their privacy.

  • Ed Finkel
    Illinois Bar Journal, January 2014

    Now more than ever, great technology tools - many especially designed for lawyers - are amazingly affordable if not free. But don't forget the crucial difference between "frugal" and "cheap."

  • John G. Locallo
    Illinois Bar Journal, March 2012

    Are you using the practice management tech tools you need? If not, the ISBA is there for you.

  • Alan Pearlman
    The Bottom Line, June 2010

    Four simple steps to help you protect the confidential information contained on your laptop, should it become lost or stolen.

  • Peter Mierzwa
    Standing Committee on Legal Technology, April 2005

    An overview of some solutions that users of Microsoft Outlook have available to them. Learn to filter junk e-mail and set up Rules to control how you want to deal with the onslaught of e-mail you receive each day.

  • Todd Flaming
    Illinois Bar Journal, February 2004

    Want to make your office less vulnerable to computer viruses, hackers, and the like? Here's a seven-step program.

  • Nerino J. Petro
    Standing Committee on Legal Technology, January 2004

    We're finally reaching a point where myth and technology are actually catching up with one another.

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