Guide to Sentencing and Bond Hearings in Illinois: 2016 Edition (Fastbook)

Product Image: Guide to Sentencing and Bond Hearings in Illinois: 2016 Edition (Fastbook)

This essential guide for criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors condenses everything you need to know before appearing at a sentencing or bond hearing. It includes a comprehensive sentencing guide, bond hearing guide, and a detailed listing of the most common felony offenses, which provides statutory citations, offense classes, and relevant notes. The sentencing guide covers a wide array of topics such as firearm enhancements, extended term sentences, non-probationable cases, mandatory Class X, consecutive sentencing, merger, juvenile sentencing, and truth in sentencing. The bond hearing guide covers mandatory no bail, discretionary no bond, violations of bail bond, violations of probation, and convicted defendants. Relevant case law, statutes, notes, examples, and practice tips are provided throughout. This must-have book is authored by Darren O’Brien who is now in private practice after a 30-year career at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, where he prosecuted thousands of defendants and tried hundreds of cases.

This 2016 Edition includes all public acts enacted through October 1, 2015. It provides a straightforward analysis of the complex new legislation affecting juvenile offenders. Order your copy today!

Published October 2015; 79 pages

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