Illinois Client Interview Forms (Third Edition) (Fastbook)

Product Image: Illinois Client Interview Forms (Third Edition) (Fastbook)

Interview Your Clients the Easy Way! 

New and improved forms to help keep you focused while interviewing new clients. Add to or delete information from the forms so that they conform to your personal choice of interview questions. Use them on your computer while interviewing, or print them out before the interview. This is the Third Edition of these forms which have been revised in accordance with suggestions from attorneys who have used our old forms. There are 28 basic forms covering family law, estates and wills, real estate, incorporation, blip, power of attorney, personal injury, and other subjects. A valuable tool for any attorney, keeping your client files uniform.

Compiled by members of the ISBA General Practice Section Council, and edited by Timothy E. Duggan.

Published 2008

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Once the zip file is open, the forms are in Word or WordPerfect format.

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