Handbook of Illinois Administrative Law

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This new, Second Edition of the Handbook of Illinois Administrative Law is a helpful how-to, when, and where, detailed guide to Illinois Administrative Law. It has four major chapters covering Rulemaking, Adjudication, Court Review of Administrative Decisions, and Additional Material. Each chapter contains several subchapters covering general, emergency, and peremptory rulemaking, due process and ethical issues, administrative hearings, attorney's fees, exhaustion, waiver, pre-emption, and practice and procedure, as well as numerous other topics.

The authors include primary experts on Illinois administrative law who practice before or serve in most of the agencies and commissions in the state, the Attorney General's Office, General Assembly support agencies that review administrative rules or compile legislation, persons who review administrative law cases as members of the judiciary, or who work for or against the City of Chicago and other municipalities in local government.

Published 2008, 343 pages

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