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Ballots have been distributed

Ballots were distributed to all eligible voters on Thursday, March 26, 2015. ISBA's election provider VR Election Services (VRES) emailed e-ballots to members with valid email addresses and mailed paper ballots to members without valid email addresses on Thursday, March 26, 2015.  

The deadline for voting is Thursday, April 30th at 4:30 p.m. Central Time for all voting methods: e-ballot, paper or internet.

The candidates' biographies can be found in the March Illinois Bar Journal.

Who is eligible to vote?

All ISBA attorney members with their dues paid by March 2, 2015 are eligible to vote.

  • All voting members may vote for 3rd Vice President.
  • Members whose ISBA addresses fall in the following Areas are eligible to vote in their respective race(s):
    • 1st Judicial District Cook County Board of Governors (elect 1) and Assembly (elect 23)
    • Board Area 1 Circuit 18 Board of Governors (elect 1)
    • Board Area 3 Circuits 12, 13, 16, 21, 23 Board of Governors (elect 1)
    • Board Area 8 Circuits 3, 20 Board of Governors (elect 1)
    • Uncontested Board of Governors seats in Areas 4 and 6 will not appear on the ballot.

What kind of ballot will a member receive?

  • If we have an email address: e-ballot via email
  • If we don't have an email address: paper ballot via mail

What if a member doesn't want to vote the ballot they receive?

  • Members receiving e-ballots may request a paper ballot as explained in the e-ballot email. The deadline to request a paper ballot is April 15.
  • Members receiving paper ballots may vote via internet following instructions provided on the paper ballot.


Please contact Brenda at btodt@isba.org or call 800-252-8908