Advocacy for the Profession

The ISBA is the voice of the Illinois legal profession. In this role it advocates for the interests of lawyers, as well as for the public that consumes legal services. It strives to improve and develop laws and regulations affecting substantive and process rights and responsibilities of Illinois' citizens, support the rule of law and good legal and judicial processes, and maintain and improve professional standards to ensure the efficient and effective practice of law.

ISBA advocacy takes many specific forms including monitoring, proposing, supporting, or opposing legislation and administrative or judicial rulemaking, participating as amicus curiae in relevant cases, initiating litigation as a party in important litigation, and preserving the integrity of the bar and protecting the public by investigating and prosecuting the unauthorized practice of law.


Information about the ISBA's legislative program and processes


Information about the ISBA’s regulatory activities including its own practice related proposals as well as judicial, administrative agency, and other bar related organizations’ proposals and rulemakings  


Information on the ISBA's litigation activities, including amicus curiae participation

Unauthorized Practice of Law

Information about the ISBA's efforts to combat the unauthorized practice of law