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Law Students

Membership is free for up to four years of law school (the membership year runs July to June).

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You have chosen law as your life's work. Let us help you achieve your goals – become a student member of the Illinois State Bar Association. ISBA student membership provides these benefits:

Publications and Information

Legal Education

  • Access to 15 hours of free online CLE
  • Free on-site registration at live programs
  • Access to the YLD Professional Development Series
  • ADAPTIBAR $50 discount off the enrollment fee for this online Multistate Examination Review Course. To enroll, visit or call 877-466-1250

In addition, the ISBA

  • Assists members in developing successful legal careers
  • Promotes improvements in the justice system
  • Is an active voice in the state and federal legislative process
  • Promotes goodwill between the public and the legal profession

Use our online form to sign up now!

Interested in being a law student representative from your school?  If you are an ISBA member, please contact Melissa Burkholder, for more information.