Illinois Bar Journal
Articles From Patrick M. Kinnally

Litigating Noncompetition Agreements: The Employee’s Perspective By Patrick M. Kinnally May 2007 Article, Page 250 Your client's former employer goes to court seeking a TRO to enforce a noncompete agreement against him. What do you do?
The Occasional Litigator’s Guide to Making the Most of Pleadings and Motions By Patrick M. Kinnally August 2004 Article, Page 414 Did you know you can win a motion but damage your case in the process? Here's advice on using pleadings wisely.
Trial Practice Update for General Practitioners: Lessons from Recent Cases By Patrick M. Kinnally October 2003 Article, Page 508 A review of leading practice and procedure cases and the lessons they teach.
Aliens, Guilty Pleas, and the Risk of Deportation: Time for Legislative Action By Moira K. Moran and Patrick M. Kinnally April 2001 Article, Page 194 The authors recommend that the General Assembly require judges to admonish noncitizen defendants that they could be deported if they plead guilty.