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Articles on Finding Illinois Law

Finding Legal Briefs Online By Thomas Keefe July 2004 Column, Page 373 Someone else's brief can serve as the starting point; maybe even the foundation; for yours. But how do you find one? Here are some possibilities.
At Last, a New Guidebook for Illinois Legal Researchers By Phill Johnson May 2004 Column, Page 271 Here's review of the first new Illinois legal research tome in well over a decade.
Have Online Citators Made Print Obsolete? By Phill Johnson March 2004 Column, Page 155 Have we reached the point that using print citators to track the subsequent treatment of a case begs a malpractice suit?
Getting Your Research Bearings; Dead Reckoning v the Sextant By Paul D. Callister January 2004 Column, Page 49 Sometimes research still works best with books, and sometimes it works better on the computer. We're still trying to figure out why and when.
Free on the ‘Net: FindLaw, LexisONE and More By Phill Johnson November 2003 Column, Page 579 West Group and LexisNexis both offer free online research services that, while much more modest than Lexis and Westlaw, are well worth visiting.
The “Science” of Citation Analysis By Paul D. Callister September 2003 Column, Page 473 Is legal research a science grounded in precise measurements or is it an art based on subjective editorial judgments? And does it matter?
How to Find Jury Instructions By Phill Johnson July 2003 Column, Page 361 Jury instructions aren't hard to find in print, but you'll have less luck searching online.
Legal Research and the Ballad of John Henry By Paul D. Callister May 2003 Column, Page 261 The rise of electronic sources has changed legal research forever, and it may be changing the nature of law itself.
Using the ‘Net to Research Illinois Legislative History By Phill Johnson March 2003 Column, Page 147 Thanks to the General Assembly's Web site, researching recent legislative history is easier than ever. Here's a step-by-step guide.
Working the Problem By Paul D. Callister January 2003 Column, Page 43 Some leading litigation-related online resources.
Litigation Resources on the ‘Net for Illinois Lawyers By Adria P. Olmi July 2002 Column, Page 381 Some leading litigation-related online resources.
Internet Resources for Illinois Corporate and Securities Lawyers By Adria P. Olmi May 2002 Column, Page 267 Here are some of the helpful Internet resources; most of them free; for corporate and securities lawyers.
Internet Resources for Illinois Personal Injury Lawyers By Adria P. Olmi March 2002 Column, Page 151 Resources abound on the 'Net for p.i. lawyers. Here are some of the best.
Estate-Planning Internet Resources for Illinois Lawyers By Adria P. Olmi January 2002 Column, Page 49 Don't let your brainchildren be like the proverbial cobbler's shoeless kids; lawyer, protect your IP rights.
Family-Law Resources on the Internet for Illinois Lawyers By Adria P. Olmi November 2001 Column, Page 603 A roundup of helpful Web sites and other family-law 'Net resources.
Real-Estate Resources on the Internet for Illinois Lawyers By Adria P. Olmi September 2001 Column, Page 495 A compendium of Web-based resources, many of them free, of special interest to real-estate practitioners.
Treasure Hunting at State Agency Web Sites By Adria P. Olmi July 2001 Column, Page 379 Don't overlook Illinois state agency Web sites, an increasingly rich source of free information. Here are some of the best agency resources for lawyers.
Must-Have Bookmarks: The Cornell Law Library and Legal Information Institute By Adria P. Olmi March 2001 Column, Page 153 Cornell Law School, a cyberspace pioneer, still offers some of the best online resources for lawyers.
Illinois Legislative History By James E. Duggan November 2000 Column, Page 665 Difficult though they may be to research, legislative histories can make a difference in your case. Here's how to find what you need.
Evidence Practice Guides By James E. Duggan September 2000 Column, Page 543 Illinois lawyers are fortunate to have several good sources for guidance on evidence law. Here are thumbnail sketches of the leading treatises and practice guides.
Illinois Regulations By James E. Duggan July 2000 Column, Page 417 Keeping abreast of Illinois regulatory law remains a challenge, but now there are more options than ever.
Researching Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law By James E. Duggan May 2000 Column, Page 291 Here's a compendium of resources for Illinois workers' comp lawyers.
Illinois Bar Association Journals and Newsletters By James E. Duggan March 2000 Column, Page 175 For practical advice, bar periodicals are hard to beat (even if we do say so).
Legal Newspapers and Law Reviews: Focus on Illinois Law By James E. Duggan January 2000 Column, Page 49 A short list of law reviews and newspapers that cover the Illinois-law beat.
Treaties and Selected Foreign Law Research: A Primer for Illinois Attorneys By James E. Duggan November 1999 Column, Page 613 When confronted with those occasional (but inevitable) questions about foreign law, where do you turn? Read on and find out.
Internet Update: Cases and Illinois Statutes By James E. Duggan September 1999 Column, Page 501 More and more Illinois primary law is available on the Net. Here are some of the best sources.
Illinois Statistics By James E. Duggan July 1999 Column, Page 387 Put the facts at your fingertips with these helpful references.
The Illinois Court of Claims By James E. Duggan May 1999 Column, Page 283 The court of claims is an unfamiliar realm to many lawyers; here's a guide.
Using Illinois Legal Encyclopedias By James E. Duggan March 1999 Column, Page 167 You loved 'em as a kid and as a law student — now that you're a lawyer, don't overlook encyclopedias as you begin your legal research.
A Directory of Directories By Jean McKnight January 1999 Column, Page 57 Here's where to turn when the question isn't "Who ya gonna call?'' but "How ya gonna find 'em?''