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Local Government LawThe newsletter of the ISBA’s Section on Local Government Law

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Newsletter articles from 2014

Case summaries By Sonni Choi Williams, Phillip B.. Lenzini, Matthew S. Dionne, and Rita Elsner June 2014 Recent cases of interest to local government law practitioners.
Case summaries May 2014 Recent cases of interest to local government law practitioners.
Case summaries By Rita Elsner, Sonni Choi Williams, and Matthew S. Dionne April 2014 Recent cases of interest to local government law practitioners.
The court cost conundrum By Marty Shanahan January 2014 A discussion of the problems of complex and ever-escalating court costs for non-aggravated traffic tickets.
Ethics corner By John H. Brechin May 2014 Two recent ISBA opinions address attorney misconduct and conflict of interest.
FOIA—A State’s Attorney’s Office is a public body By John H. Brechin June 2014 A synopsis of the Supreme Court's recent decision in Nelson v. Kendall County.
How the new Workplace Violence Prevention Act impacts local governments By Brad Stewart April 2014 The WVPA is particularly relevant to government employees, who are statistically more than three times as likely to be victims of workplace violence than private sector employees.
More case law on FOIA’s unduly burdensome exemption: Shehadeh v. Madigan By John R. Redlingshafer February 2014 Shehadeh v. Madigan is a sound reminder to those attorneys who represent or otherwise assist public bodies in responding to FOIA requests.
More “user-friendly” notes in local government borrowing By Kurt P. Froehlich March 2014 Notes as a financing option can result in a more user-friendly and quick mechanism for certain local government financings.
Public Access Counselor Rulings By Ruth A. Schlossberg June 2014 Summaries of two recently released Public Access Opinions, one regarding the Open Meetings Act and one pertaining to the Freedom of Information Act.
Recent litigation January 2014 Recent decisions of interest to local government law practitioners.
Seventh Circuit turns down RLUIPA claims for a bible camp when other options available By Michael J. Smoron March 2014 The Seventh Circuit’s decision in Eagle Cove Camp and Conference Center, Inc. v. Town of Woodboro, Wisconsin, Oneida County, Wisconsin and Oneida County Board of Adjustment reinforces the need for units of government to develop a carefully prepared comprehensive plan, with options for religious assembly and other activities, and to adhere to it in order to survive a religious-based zoning challenge.
Two new appellate cases further interpreting Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act By John Redlingshafer April 2014 Both cases can have an impact on your local government practice: The first discusses what constitutes a “prevailing party” under FOIA, while the second revisits the issue as to whether a public body has to create a record in order to respond to a request.
Useful citations to Illinois Compiled Statutes By Phillip B. Lenzini February 2014 Looking for a particular statute? Use this handy guide, arranged by subject.