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Wind Down


  • The Basic Steps to Ethically Closing a Law Practice (an ARDC Publication)
  • Succession Planning at the Smaller Law Firm-A Bigger Challenge (National Law Review)
  • Succession Planning 101 (National Law Review)

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  • Succession Planning Checklist
  • Merging Law Firms Consideration Checklist
  • Closing a Law Firm Consideration Checklist

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  • Do You Have a Substitute Attorney in the Event of Your Disability or Death?
  • Emergency Planning for Your Practice
  • What the ARDC Wants You to Know About Succession Planning

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ISBA Advisory Opinions on Professional Conduct

  • Selling a Law Practice 07-02
  • Disposition of Unclaimed or Unidentified Client Funds 15-02
  • Disposition of Unclaimed Wills 15-03
  • Disposition of Client Files 07-02, 01-02, and 94-14
  • Fee and Noncompete Arrangements 03-06, 97-09
  • Of Counsel Designation 16-04, 03-02
  • Impairment or Incapacity 92-12

Other Ethics Resources

  • Illinois Supreme Court Rule 1.17: Sale or Transfer of a Law Practice
  • Illinois Supreme Court Rule 756 Registration and Fees
  • Illinois Supreme Court Rule 776 Appointment of a Receiver
  • What is a Succession Plan? (ARDC video)

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Selling a Practice

Leaving a Practice