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Open a Firm


  • Building a Technology Budget
  • Finding the Best Deals on Legal Technology
  • How to Create a Client Intake Form
  • Lawyers Guide to Buying a Laptop
  • Lawyers Guide to Buying a Desktop
  • Process Workflow Worksheet

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  • New Firm Technology Checklist
  • Starting a Law Firm Consideration Checklist
  • Merging Law Firms Consideration Checklist
  • Strategic Planning Worksheet

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Products and Services


  • Printer Recommendations
  • Scanner Recommendations
  • Fax Recommendations

Financial Services

Legal Research

Document Assembly

Management and Technology Consulting

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  • New Firm Launch

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ISBA Advisory Opinions on Professional Conduct

  • Using Third-Party and Cloud Technology 16-06, 10-01
  • Client Files and Records 17-02, 12-06
  • Firm Names and Letterhead 03-02, 87-01

Other Ethics Resources

  • ARDC Client Trust Fund Handbook
  • ARDC Guide to Opening a Trust Account (Video)
  • Lawyers Trust Fund
  • Illinois Rule of Professional Conduct 7.5 Firm Names and Letterheads

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