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  • New Firm Technology Checklist
  • Essential Questions for your Managed Services Provider

Time, Billing & Accounting

  • Trust Account Reconciliation Summary and Checklist
  • Bank Reconciliation Summary and Checklist
  • Time, Billing & Accounting Software Feature Consideration Checklist

Practice Management

  • Practice Management Key Features Checklist
  • Strategic Planning Worksheet
  • Process Workflow Worksheet


Document Assembly

  • Document Assembly Checklist

Document Management

  • Document Management System Considerations Checklist

Protect a Practice

  • Winter Weather Checklist
  • Tornado Prep Checklist
  • Disaster Recovery Kit Checklist
  • Crisis Communication Checklist

Start, Merge, or Close a Practice

  • Succession Planning Checklist
  • Start a Law Firm Consideration Checklist
  • Merge Law Firms Consideration Checklist
  • Close a Law Firm Consideration Checklist

Working with Clients

  • Email Etiquette