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Practice Management

  • Why You Need a Practice Management Program
  • Practice Management Software Implementation Considerations

Document Management

  • Managing Your Documents WITHOUT a Document Management Program
  • Managing Your Documents WITH a Document Program
  • Document Management and Paperless Terms you NEED to know

Time, Billing & Accounting

  • Basics of Law Office Time, Billing & Accounting
  • Why Lawyers Should Keep Track of Time
  • Understanding Client Trust Funds
  • Understanding Client Costs Advanced
  • Timekeeping and Billing Systems
  • Budgets and Account Management
  • Why you need an Accounting System
  • Time vs. Value Billing - Shifting the Risk
  • Law Firm Financial Reporting
  • My Accountant wants me to use QuickBooks!
  • A Beginners Guide to Understanding LEDES


  • A Lawyer's Guide to Buying a Laptop
  • A Lawyer's Guide to Buying a Desktop
  • Notebook vs. Desktop - What is Right for You?
  • Getting the Best Deals on Technology
  • Types of Notebook Computers
  • Operating Systems for a Law Firm
  • Building a Technology budget
  • When do you NEED a server?
  • In House or Hosted Servers?
  • What is Microsoft Exchange
  • Surge Suppressors and UPS
  • How to Chose and Internet Service Provider

Build a Practice

  • 8 Things Killing Your Legal Organization - Identify & Remedy Them
  • Improving Client Communications
  • How to Manage Leads and Convert Prospects into Paying Clients
  • A Guide to Marketing Your Law Firm on Facebook
  • 8 Proven Steps to Double Your Referrals
  • How to Make Your Website the Hub of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

Protect a Practice

  • Risk Assessment Form
  • Preparedness Evaluation Form
  • Encryption and Cybersecurity in the Cloud
  • 6 Step Ransomeware Defense Plan
  • Building a Law Firm Cyber Security Plan
  • Avoid These Three Common Security Blind Spots