Member Groups

Disability Law

To educate attorneys, judges, and members of the public about the law as it relates to persons with disabilities;

To promote fair and equal treatment of persons with disabilities; monitor and propose legislation; and provide a forum for education and advocacy as it relates to persons with disabilities; and

To further the professional development and inclusion of attorneys and law students with disabilities, as well as practitioners who serve clients with disabilities, by creating programming and other resources to support their professional needs.

Committee Roster

  • Philip C. Milsk
  • Mary L. Milano
  • Thomas A. Bruno
  • Scott W. Gertz
  • Susan K. O'Neal
  • Joan A. Spiegel
  • Patti S. Gregory
  • Latasha K. Barnes
  • Stacy J. Campbell-Viamontes
  • Roza B. Gossage
  • Brandy L. Johnson
  • Jennifer L. Hansen
  • Anthony E. Rothert
  • Rachel McDermott