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Welcome to the ISBA’s Standing Committee on Delivery of Legal Services webpage on Pro Bono Opportunities and Information for Lawyers. This page will inform members of pro bono opportunities available to Illinois lawyers through various legal service providers. It also contains stories about pro bono opportunities and the experiences other lawyers have had participating in pro bono. The Illinois State Bar Association encourages lawyers to participate in pro bono activities and give back to their communities.

National Pro Bono Week

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The 2015 National Pro Bono Celebration Week was October 26-31.

In 2014, the ARDC reports that 30,200 lawyers in Illinois provided pro bono legal services by providing more than 2,030,414 hours of free legal services and 17,179 Illinois lawyers also donated over $14 million dollars to help fund additional legal services. Although it is apparent there is widespread dedication among Illinois lawyers to pro bono causes, there is still an unmet need for more legal assistance.

In an effort to promote and expand awareness of this need for increased pro bono efforts, please consider some of the activities suggested by the ISBA Standing Committee on Delivery of Legal Service, including writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper highlighting the good works of local lawyers, asking that a proclamation be adopted in your community, or other activities to promote this event and recognize the efforts of current pro bono volunteers. Below is a sample letter and a proclamation you can download and use.

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How much Illinois Attorneys Contribute to Pro Bono Legal Services Already

The percentage of lawyers making monetary contributions to support legal services for the poor increased slightly to 18.5%, as compared to 17.9% of lawyers who contributed in 2013. In addition, $95 of every annual registration fee last year was used to fund legal services in this state. Since 2003, the first year that the ARDC began collecting the funds, more than $39 million has been remitted to the Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois. Finally, over 30,200 lawyers provided pro bono legal services in 2014, totaling 2,030,414 hours of legal aid.
Source: ARDC 2014 Annual Report.

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