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Welcome to the ISBA’s Standing Committee on Delivery of Legal Services Pro Bono Opportunities for Lawyers. This page informs members of pro bono opportunities available to Illinois lawyers through various legal service providers. It also contains stories about pro bono opportunities and the experiences other lawyers have had participating in pro bono. The Illinois State Bar Association encourages lawyers to participate in pro bono activities and give back to their communities.

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John C. McAndrews Pro Bono Service Award
The award is named in memory of Rock Island attorney John McAndrews, who chaired the ISBA Committee on Delivery of Legal Services and is awarded to individual lawyers, law firms and corporate law departments, and bar associations.

The Joseph R. Bartylak Memorial Legal Services Award
This award is named in memory of legal services attorney Joseph R. Bartylak to annually honor his extraordinary commitment and dedication to civil legal services and his outstanding service to Illinois’ vulnerable and low-income population.

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Access to Legal Services Initiative

Created by ISBA Presidents Rory T. Weiler and Shawn Kasserman, the ISBA’s Access to Legal Services Initiative seeks to increase and improve access to legal services in Illinois in part by expanding participation in pro bono and the effectiveness of pro bono. By completing the pro bono form , your information shared with the legal service provider(s) of your choice and you will be contacted as pro bono opportunities become available.

Spotlight on Pro Bono

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Illinois Attorney Contributions to Pro Bono Legal Services are declining

In 2022, the ARDC reports that, of the 95,711 lawyers registered for 2022, 29,594 or 30.9% reported that they had provided pro bono services during 2022. Those attorneys collectively logged 1,720,999 pro bono legal service hours or an average of 58 hours of pro bono time per lawyer engaged in pro bono service, above the aspirational goal of ABA Model Rule 6.1 of providing at least 50 hours of pro bono legal services per year. See ABA Model Rule 6.1, Comment [1].

Thank you to those who give their time and talent to help people who cannot afford lawyers. Those attorneys who provide pro bono currently make up less than 1/3 of all registered Illinois lawyers. In fact, there has been a 10% decline in the number of Illinois attorneys providing pro bono legal services since 2018.

Even fewer lawyers support pro bono and legal aid organization financially. In 2022, 16,858 lawyers reported a total of $18,105,801 in monetary contributions to pro bono organizations in 2022, an average of $1,074 per contributing lawyer. That is less than 18% of Illinois lawyers who give money to legal aid or pro bono organizations. Monetary contributions by Illinois lawyers to pro bono legal services have been decreased 19% since 2018.

Even if there is no crossover of lawyers providing time versus treasure contributions in 2022, that means less than half of all Illinois attorneys contribute to pro bono.

How can we engage the missing majority?

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