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Articles From Karen Erger

When You’re Only Lonely By Karen Erger April 2016 Column, Page 56 Making and sustaining friendships is vital to our well-being. But in the flesh-and-blood world, it isn't as easy as clicking "accept."
Tragedy in the Tall Corn State By Karen Erger February 2016 Column, Page 48 The sad case of Iowan David Roth has lessons for lawyers on both sides of the Mississippi.
You Say You Want a Resolution? By Karen Erger December 2015 Column, Page 46 Use your 2016 New Year's resolutions to become a better lawyer.
Weathering the Dark Night of the Soul By Karen Erger October 2015 Column, Page 48 Mistakes are a fact of law practice. Be ready to respond wisely and well.
20 Quick and Dirty Risk Management Ideas for Lawyers By Karen Erger August 2015 Column, Page 50 This risk-management speed drill will keep best practices top of mind. Ready, set, go!
Sleepless in the Corner Office By Karen Erger June 2015 Column, Page 48 Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.
Too Many Phish in the Sea By Karen Erger April 2015 Column, Page 48 Too smart to take the computer-fraud bait? Don't be so sure.
They’re Just Like Us By Karen Erger February 2015 Column, Page 48 When law firm partners steal, the losses are enormous.
Just Say ‘Know’ to Dabbling By Karen Erger December 2014 Column, Page 598 Saying "yes" to a case outside your competence is usually a mistake.
If: The Ethical Obligations of Subordinate Lawyers By Karen Erger October 2014 Column, Page 502 Subordinate lawyers have to exercise independent judgment, even if it means standing up to a supervising lawyer.
The Mystery of the Missing Miles By Karen Erger August 2014 Column, Page 404 Ever use a public computer to access you work email? Find out how risky that is.
The Appearance of Professionalism By Karen Erger June 2014 Column, Page 300 Aren't women lawyers competent to make their own judgments about what to wear to work?
Good Is Not So Bad By Karen Erger April 2014 Column, Page 198 Perfectionism won't make you perfect. In fact, it might actually inhibit your performance.
Put Not Your Trust in Nigerian Princes By Karen Erger February 2014 Column, Page 100 A recent iteration of the Nigerian email scam offers lessons for lawyers.
Emergency Procedures for Malpractice Survival By Karen Erger December 2013 Column, Page 644 Prepare for the unlikely event of malpractice - alleged or real.
The Zealous Advocacy of Saul Goodman By Karen Erger October 2013 Column, Page 538 Why is Breaking Bad's shady Saul Goodman so popular?
Working with Clients Who Give You the Blues By Karen Erger August 2013 Column, Page 430 Bluesy advice for dealing with downer clients.
Your “Unsinkable” Law Practice: Checking the Lifeboats By Karen Erger June 2013 Column, Page 314 Make sure your professional liability policy is shipshape.
The Fourth Year Law Student By Karen Erger April 2013 Column, Page 208 You survived law school - now your legal education really begins.
What Do You Know? Give a Talk About It By Karen Erger February 2013 Column, Page 100 Anxious about public speaking? Try choosing a topic you really know.
Real Estate and Malpractice By Karen Erger December 2012 Column, Page 662 Real estate law now generates more claims than any other practice area.
A Lawyer Looks at 65: Planning for Your Future as an Older Lawyer By Karen Erger October 2012 Column, Page 560 Build up your retirement account and downsize lavish late-life dreams.
Law Firm Embezzlement: The Butler Didn’t Do It By Karen Erger August 2012 Column, Page 438 Keep your firm from becoming the scene of an embezzlement whodunit.
The Hat Trick: Don’t Be the Accidental Lawyer By Karen Erger June 2012 Column, Page 328 You can’t not be a lawyer, so always be on your best behavior.
Lessons Learned - Preventing Client Relations Problems that Cause Claims By Karen Erger April 2012 Column, Page 216 Even claims that don't result in a payout teach lessons.
Raising the Ante(Diluvian) By Karen Erger February 2012 Column, Page 108 More about the pros and cons of e-calendars.
Hey, Kids, Let’s Start a Law Firm By Karen Erger December 2011 Column, Page 640 An interview with a lawyer who did just that.
Why Calendars Matter - and Why I’m Going Back to Analog By Karen Erger October 2011 Column, Page 534 Sometimes the best technology is good old pen and paper.
Ten Unreasonable Reasons Not to Report a Professional Liability Claim By Karen Erger August 2011 Column, Page 418 Don't let fear cloud your judgment when it comes to reporting claims.
Think Before You Ink: Insurance Matters By Karen Erger June 2011 Column, Page 317 Consulting your client's insurance agent can help you avoid trouble.