Illinois Bar Journal
Articles From Karen Erger

Ring in the New Year with Better Client Relationships By Karen Erger December 2004 Column, Page 650 Ten reminders for 2005.
Procrastination: Raising the Stakes By Karen Erger October 2004 Column, Page 544 Ten tips to tame your inner procrastinator.
The Client That Got Away By Karen Erger August 2004 Column, Page 433 The statute of limitations is about to toll and your client is nowhere to be found. What to do? A new ISBA advisory opinion offers guidance.
The Alligator in the Toilet: 10 Loss-Prevention Myths Debunked By Karen Erger June 2004 Column, Page 319 You've heard about the albino alligators in the sewers of New York, right? And the Nigerian get-rich-quick scheme? And the lawyer who was too good to get sued?
Look Before You Leap: The Dangers of Directorship By Karen Erger April 2004 Column, Page 217 Many lawyers who are asked to serve on clients' boards of directors jump at the chance. But there's a dark side to this flattering proposal.
Increasing Your Civility Quotient By Karen Erger February 2004 Column, Page 103 Civility isn't just a nice thing; it is a hallmark of professionalism and a key component of malpractice prevention.
Practicin’ to the Oldies: 10 Ways to Avoid Malpractice By Karen Erger December 2003 Column, Page 635 These 10 malpractice-prevention golden oldies are just as true today as when we first heard 'em.
Learning to Think Like An Ethical Lawyer By Karen Erger October 2003 Column, Page 527 That's right, young lawyer; while you might feel you know little compared to your more senior colleagues, you're fully responsible for properly applying ethical rules.
Avoiding a Coverage Hangover By Karen Erger August 2003 Column, Page 415 Shopping for new malpractice insurance? Make sure you don't create a gap in your coverage if and when you switch insurers.
Client Communications 101: Learning to Listen By Karen Erger June 2003 Column, Page 313 Not listening to your clients leads to dissatisfaction and, too often, to claims.
Ten Loss-Prevention Tips for Support Staff By Karen Erger April 2003 Column, Page 207 Treat your paralegals, administrative assistants, secretaries and other staff with the respect that a valued coworker deserves. And urge them to read and follow these 10 tips, designed especially for the folks on the front lines.
The “Problem Lawyer” By Karen Erger February 2003 Column, Page 93 The damage that drug, alcohol, or otherwise impaired "problem lawyers" do to your firm lingers long after they leave. Here's how to nip problems in the bud, and maybe salvage a career in the bargain.