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Articles From Leon I. Finkel

Changing Pension Beneficiaries After Divorce: It’s More Important After Kennedy By Leon I. Finkel and Hailee R. Bloom September 2009 Article, Page 462 Now ex-spouses must change the beneficiary designation after divorce or risk inadvertently enriching their former partners.
When Does a Postjudgment Motion Toll the Deadline for Appeal? By Leon I. Finkel and Bradley A. Silva March 2007 Article, Page 142 It's a huge mistake to think that every motion after final judgment tolls the deadline for filing an appeal. Here's a review of the statutory and case law.
The Case for Allowing Expert Assistance at Depositions By Leon I. Finkel and Lena Goretsky Winters March 2004 Article, Page 151 The authors argue that courts should routinely allow attorneys to bring retained experts to help depose opponents.