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Articles From Edward S. Margolis

Advantage to Creditor: Understanding Preference Actions and Available Defenses By Edward S. Margolis November 2005 Article, Page 590 The bankruptcy reform law adds some new pro-creditor wrinkles to defending preference actions.
Special Appearance Revisited: Preserving a Jurisdictional Challenge Without an Evidentiary Hearing By Edward S. Margolis June 2001 Article, Page 317 Section 2-301 of the Code of Civil Procedure may just be the answer.
Suing Out-of-State Defendants in Illinois: Minimum Contacts after TCA, Ruprecht and Chalek By Edward S. Margolis August 2000 Article, Page 458 An analysis of recent cases that may affect the right to enforce business contracts in Illinois.
Rediscovering the Truth: Requests for Admissions Are Not Discovery By Edward S. Margolis April 1999 Article, Page 214 A pair of recent Illinois Supreme Court decisions have given practitioners a powerful tool for narrowing issues of fact.