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Articles on Law Practice and Office Management

2014 Compensation & Benefits Survey: 5 Key Findings By Timothy A. Slating November 2014 Article, Page 528 How much do ISBA members earn? How many hours do they work? What are the most popular practice areas? Survey respondents answer these and other questions.
Alternative Billing Comes to Main Street By Ed Finkel October 2014 Article, Page 476 Firms that serve corporate clients are no strangers to non-hourly billing strategies. But other attorneys are finding that consumer-friendly pricing can be lawyer-friendly as well.
Accepting credit-card payments? Mind your trust-account ps and qs By Mark S. Mathewson September 2014 LawPulse, Page 418 Make sure retainer-fee payments by credit card are going into your trust account and not your general office account, an ISBA ethics opinion admonishes.
The Powerful Practice Technology You Already Have By Ed Finkel September 2014 Article, Page 428 The technology that can transform your practice by dramatically saving you time and money may already be in your office - if you'd just learn to use it.
Make Your Personal Style Work for You By Ed Finkel August 2014 Article, Page 380 Afraid you're too shy to get up and do what needs to be done to market your practice? Fear not. Good marketing is more about listening than talking.
A Family Lawyer’s Guide to Tending Client Relationships By Janan Hanna May 2014 Article, Page 224 Choosing the right clients and managing their expectations may be the two most important jobs for any family law practitioner.
Good Is Not So Bad By Karen Erger April 2014 Column, Page 198 Perfectionism won't make you perfect. In fact, it might actually inhibit your performance.
The Business Case for Disability Diversity in Legal Employment By Cheryl L. Anderson March 2014 Article, Page 132 Legal employers increasingly recognize that diversity in their workplace is important to success. Yet many overlook disability diversity. Here's why that's a mistake.
The Ratings Game By Janan Hanna March 2014 Article, Page 124 Sites like Avvo that rate lawyers and encourage consumer reviews are evoking reaction positive and negative in the legal community – and posing interesting ethical challenges.
Practice-Launching Tips for Solos and Small Firms By Ed Finkel February 2014 Article, Page 72 Time to strike out on your own? Veteran practitioners help you get off to a good start - and avoid common missteps - with tips on marketing, billing, retainers, client management, and more.
Low Cost Technology for Highly Productive Lawyers By Ed Finkel January 2014 Article, Page 20 Now more than ever, great technology tools - many especially designed for lawyers - are amazingly affordable if not free. But don't forget the crucial difference between "frugal" and "cheap."
Advance payment retainers in dissolution of marriage cases are subject to disgorgement December 2013 Illinois Law Update, Page 612 On October 3, 2013, the Illinois Supreme Court held that advance payment retainers paid in dissolution of marriage cases are subject to disgorgement pursuant to the "leveling of the playing field" rules in the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (the "Act").
Health Care Reform: Lawyers are Employers and Consumers, Too By Janan Hanna December 2013 Article, Page 616 What does the Affordable Care Act mean to law firms as employers and lawyers as consumers? Here's a thumbnail sketch.
The Ethics of Lost Laptops, Cloud Computing By Mark S. Mathewson November 2013 Column, Page 588 What duty do you have to clients if your laptop is stolen?
Limited Scope, Expanded Opportunity By Ed Finkel October 2013 Article, Page 508 Recent Illinois Supreme Court rule changes enable lawyers to represent clients in litigation for only a portion of a case. Proponents say that's good for lawyers, clients, and judges.
How Not to Be a Victim of Law Firm Embezzlement By Janan Hanna September 2013 Article, Page 456 Employee theft is an all-too-common occurrence. Experts advise lawyers how not to be victims.
New supreme court rules a boon to limited-scope representation By Adam W. Lasker August 2013 LawPulse, Page 386 Amended Rules 11, 13, and 137 create business opportunities for lawyers by making it easier to represent clients for part, but not all, of a lawsuit or transaction.
Rainmaking in Dry Times By Ed Finkel June 2013 Article, Page 288 How do you attract new clients and retain existing ones in this economy? Consultants and Illinois lawyers offer battle-tested tips.
Your “Unsinkable” Law Practice: Checking the Lifeboats By Karen Erger June 2013 Column, Page 314 Make sure your professional liability policy is shipshape.
The Lawyer’s iPad: Using Tablets in Your Practice By Maria Kantzavelos May 2013 Article, Page 232 Can you really use your mobile device to practice more effectively? Tech experts say "yes" and tell you how.
Marketing Your Practice via Social Media By Maria Kantzavelos April 2013 Article, Page 180 You can find clients on Facebook and LinkedIn. Or, more to the point, they can find you. But be sure to go about it the right way or you'll lose business and run afoul of ethics rules.
How Do I Research That? Find a LibGuide By Tom Gaylord March 2013 Column, Page 158 The LibGuide system connects to thousands of free research guides.
Riding the DIY Wave By Maria Kantzavelos March 2013 Article, Page 128 Lawyers should respond to do-it-yourself law sites by serving clients in new ways, an Elmhurst lawyer suggests.
Sharpening Your Pencil: Financial Basics for Law Firms By Maria Kantzavelos February 2013 Article, Page 76 Are your employees getting the tax relief they deserve? Are you? Should you process your own payroll? A CPA tells lawyers a thing or two about the business side of running a practice.
Chicago-Kent’s solo-attorney incubator nurtures new lawyers By Adam W. Lasker January 2013 LawPulse, Page 10 An innovative law school program gives a group of new admittees office space and real-world experience under the guidance of former profs.
For Sale by Owner: Getting the Most for Your Law Practice By Maria Kantzavelos October 2012 Article, Page 524 How much is your practice worth? How can you maximize its value? How do you find buyers? Even if you aren't ready to sell, experts say the time to ask yourself these questions is now.
The Dangers of Litigating in the Media By Richard L. Miller, II January 2012 Article, Page 42 A look at the risks your client takes by publicly discussing an ongoing case and why doing so is usually a bad idea.
The Ethical Office: Managing Nonlawyer Staff By Helen W. Gunnarsson December 2011 Article, Page 614 The Rules of Professional Conduct make managing nonlawyer staff a high-stakes business. Find out which rules are most directly implicated and learn how to be a better boss.
Hey, Kids, Let’s Start a Law Firm By Karen Erger December 2011 Column, Page 640 An interview with a lawyer who did just that.
Planning to Succeed By Helen W. Gunnarsson November 2011 Article, Page 560 How many lawyers have a strategic plan, complete with a mission, goals, action points, and a system for measuring success? Here's why you should be one of them.