Illinois Bar Journal
Articles on Law Practice and Office Management

Lessons from a Software Conversion By Todd Flaming April 1999 Column, Page 221 You finally switched from your familiar word-processing program to that new, improved alternative. So why aren't you happy?
Law Firm Marketing: Does Your Practice Mean Business? By Paul Sullivan March 1999 Column, Page 169 Attorneys are not above the laws of good marketing; ignore them at your peril.
Linux: The New, Free Kid on the Block By Todd H. Flaming February 1999 Column, Page 107 Could the Linux operating system become a serious alternative to Windows? Here's a review.
Office Conflict: Are You Coach or Referee? By Paul Sullivan January 1999 Column, Page 55 Too many lawyer-supervisors run from personnel problems. Here's a better approach.
How to Survive the Year 2000 Computer Crisis By Todd H. Flaming December 1998 Column, Page 697 At least you don't need to build a bomb shelter ... or do you?
Twelve Steps to Prepare Your Practice for the New Millenium By Anne E. Thar December 1998 Column, Page 695 This 12-step plan will help you enter the 21st Century with a fresh approach to your practice and a lower risk of malpractice.
The Lawyer’s Journal By Bonnie Fitzgerald McGrath November 1998 Column, Page 590 Post-Ellerth business boom?
Rejection Letters: “Just Say No” Is Not Enough By Laura Walsh November 1998 Column, Page 644 Saying "no'' to job applicants is never pleasant, but here's how to make rejection letters less painful for sender and recipient
Win Employee Loyalty and Keep the Raiders Away By Paul Sullivan November 1998 Column, Page 639 Small firms face special challenges in keeping and recruiting good staff. But they have some special advantage, too.