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2014 Spring Session Roundup By Jim Covington August 2014 Column, Page 376 Illinois legislators revised the health care POA, created guidelines for calculating maintenance, and more.
Absolute litigation privilege bars a party’s claim arising out of alleged misconduct in prior judicial proceedings May 2014 Illinois Law Update, Page 220 On February 24, 2014, the First District Appellate Court of Illinois held that the absolute litigation privilege bars claims brought by a plaintiff on the basis of conduct that took place in a prior and separate judicial proceeding.
Accepting credit-card payments? Mind your trust-account ps and qs By Mark S. Mathewson September 2014 Lawpulse, Page 418 Make sure retainer-fee payments by credit card are going into your trust account and not your general office account, an ISBA ethics opinion admonishes.
ACLU sues over reaction to fake mayoral twitter account By Matthew Hector August 2014 Lawpulse, Page 366 The lawsuit alleges that the mayor and other officials conspired to violate the First and Fourth Amendment rights of accountholder and tweeter Jon Daniel.
Adapting to the New Legal Marketplace By Paula H. Holderman April 2014 Column, Page 160 Sharper competition is challenging law firms, law schools, and bar associations.
Aggravated battery of a nurse May 2014 Illinois Law Update, Page 220 The Criminal Code of 2012 has been amended by adding another aggravated battery offense.
Alternative Billing Comes to Main Street By Ed Finkel October 2014 Article, Page 476 Firms that serve corporate clients are no strangers to non-hourly billing strategies. But other attorneys are finding that consumer-friendly pricing can be lawyer-friendly as well.
Amended reporting requirements for meat sellers March 2014 Illinois Law Update, Page 120 The Meat and Poultry Inspection Act has been amended to add new reporting requirements for "Type 1" licensees, or facilities that sell meat, poultry, and other meat products.
Amendments to birthing centers regulations January 2014 Illinois Law Update, Page 16 The Department of Healthcare and Family Services recently adopted amendments that allow birthing centers to receive medical assistance reimbursement. 89 Ill. Adm. Code 146.
Amendments to social worker licensure January 2014 Illinois Law Update, Page 16 Effective October 11, 2013, applications to become a licensed clinical social worker or a licensed social worker no longer require the applicant's complete work history post receipt of a master's or doctorate degree in education. 68 Ill. Adm. Code 1470.
Angel investment tax credit guidance October 2014 Illinois Law Update, Page 472 The Department of Revenue amended its income tax regulations to provide guidance on the Angel Investment Credit. 86 Ill. Adm. Code 100 (eff. July 9, 2014).
Annual surcharges assessed on live adult entertainment June 2014 Illinois Law Update, Page 272 Live adult entertainment facilities, commonly known as striptease clubs, will now be assessed an annual surcharge. 86 Ill. Adm. Code 900 (eff. Mar. 10, 2014).
The Appearance of Professionalism By Karen Erger June 2014 Column, Page 300 Aren't women lawyers competent to make their own judgments about what to wear to work?
Applicants’ assets will no longer be considered for TANF program eligibility May 2014 Illinois Law Update, Page 220 The Illinois Department of Human Services will consider new criteria for determining Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program eligibility. 89 Ill. Adm. Code 112 (eff. Jan. 29, 2014).
Attorneys owe a duty to non-client beneficiaries when distributing funds recovered in wrongful death actions September 2014 Illinois Law Update, Page 424 On June 19, 2014, the Illinois Supreme Court held that attorneys owe a duty to non-client beneficiaries of a wrongful death claim when damages are distributed.
Auto insurance policies cannot exclude the only named insured March 2014 Illinois Law Update, Page 120 On December 19, 2013, the Illinois Supreme Court held that an automobile insurance policy that excluded the only named insured violated and contradicted provisions in the Illinois Vehicle Code.
Bankruptcy and the Series LLC: Can Creditors Pierce the Veil? By John T. Wagener and Kenneth D. Peters May 2014 Article, Page 236 The Series LLC gives sweeping liability protection to those who use it. But will it shield an umbrella entity in bankruptcy and under UCC Article 9 from liability incurred by debtor subunits?
The Benefits of Settling Workers’ Compensation and Employment Claims Together By Mark Wilkinson and Susan Garver July 2014 Article, Page 340 Settling workers' compensation and employment-related claims together can benefit both employers and workers, but it takes careful planning to make it work.
Beyond the One-Bite Rule: Liability for Animal-Caused Injuries By Timothy Meyer, Jason G. Schutte, and Eric Waldman September 2014 Article, Page 440 Everyone knows about the one-bite rule, but there's a lot more to proving or disproving an animal liability lawsuit.
Bill would allow restricted driving permits after four DUI convictions By Janan Hanna March 2014 Lawpulse, Page 114 The proposed permit would allow four-time offenders to drive under limited circumstances after their vehicles are equipped with breathalyzer ignition devices.
Bill would let nonlawyers represent taxpayers in county tax appeals By Janan Hanna May 2014 Lawpulse, Page 214 A now-dormant legislative proposal would authorize nonlawyers to represent taxpayers in county tax appeals. The ISBA is leading the fight against it.
Blaming the Patient: Medical Malpractice and Contributory Negligence By Robert P. Vogt June 2014 Article, Page 288 What constitutes contributory negligence in the med-mal context? This article explains the basics.
Board of park commissioners must make pension contributions August 2014 Illinois Law Update, Page 372 As of January 1, 2015, the board of park commissioners must contribute to the pension fund in amounts not less than those required by 40 ILCS 5/12-149(a).
Boater safety rules target high-horse power motorboats September 2014 Illinois Law Update, Page 424 As of January 1, 2016, individuals born after January 1, 1998, may not operate a motorboat that has a horse power exceeding 10, with the exception of those who have a valid Boating Safety Certificate or who meet the other exceptions listed in the section.
Building the ISBA of the Future By Paula H. Holderman February 2014 Column, Page 60 The heat of forward motion is making February a warm month at ISBA.
Building Your Case with Social Media Evidence By Ed Finkel June 2014 Article, Page 276 Can you get the other side's damaging Facebook posts into evidence? How do you make sure they don't vanish? Here's a look at emerging principles and best practices.
The Business Case for Disability Diversity in Legal Employment By Cheryl L. Anderson March 2014 Article, Page 132 Legal employers increasingly recognize that diversity in their workplace is important to success. Yet many overlook disability diversity. Here's why that's a mistake.
Certification for drinking water examiners June 2014 Illinois Law Update, Page 272 Pursuant to the Public Water Supply Operations Act, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") has set forth procedures to obtain a drinking water operator certification. 35 Ill. Adm. Code 681 (eff. Apr. 1, 2014).
Challenging Voluntary Acknowledgments of Paternity By Kelly M. Greco and Stephanie R. Hammer September 2014 Article, Page 432 Parties in juvenile and divorce cases sometimes want to challenge a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity under the Illinois Parentage Act. Find out when and why these efforts succeed.
Change to assessment method of PPV leases of military facilities April 2014 Illinois Law Update, Page 168 The Property Tax Code has been amended to change the method of assessing the value of PPV leases of certain military facilities for state property tax law purposes.