Section Newsletter Articles on Chair's column

Notes from the chair By William L. Cleaver Elder Law, October 2001 As I write this article, I have just finished reading the last article written by my predecessor, Lee Beneze.
View from the chair By Gene A. Petersen Business Advice and Financial Planning, November 2000 Your section council has firmed up our meeting arrangements for the year. Our first meeting was held on September 16, 2000 in Urbana, Illinois.
From the outgoing chair By Arthur J. Inman Human Rights, June 2000 We joined the Criminal Justice Section Council in a program at the annual meeting dealing with privacy issues, especially but not exclusively as privacy is affected by technology.
Voice of the chair By Vickie Gillio Education Law, June 2000 As I pass the baton of leadership to Philip Milsk who has been appointed chair for this next year, I thought I'd take a few moments to reflect on the issues raised in my initial Voice of the Chair.
Notes from the chair By Constance B. Renzi Elder Law, March 2000 As I write these notes, I can hardly believe that the business year is more than half over.
Chair’s Column By Thomas D. Cavenagh Alternative Dispute Resolution, November 1999 It is an honor and a privilege to serve this year as the chair of the distinguished group of professionals serving as section council members and for the members of the Section at large.
Message from the chair By George E. Marifian Federal Taxation, November 1999 In the last issue, we commented on the flurry of tax proposals being debated in Congress before the Labor Day Recess.
A view from the chair: By Vickie Gillio Education Law, November 1999 When I first joined the ISBA, this council was called the School Law Section. It was often referenced as one of the more arcane areas of law, as contrasted to areas such as Family Law or Tort Law.
Message from the chair By George E. Marifian Federal Taxation, September 1999 Greetings and welcome to the new fiscal year for our section. I am pleased to report that we began the year with an excellent council meeting at Lake Geneva in June.
Notes from the chair By Karl Menninger Elder Law, January 1999 The changes in our society's technology can be difficult to comprehend. There were people who watched humans land on the moon who were alive when the first manned flight happened.