Section Newsletter Articles on Illinois Parentage Act

Illinois blocks inheritance rights and social security benefits of posthumously conceived children By David Shayne Trusts and Estates, August 2015 Loss of survivor benefits may have severe consequences for infants whose parent predeceased them and who happened to choose the wrong state to be born in, especially if the law of that state is not settled.
Lawyer investigations into uncertain parentage By Jeffrey A. Parness Civil Practice and Procedure, March 2015 With the growing phenomenon of uncertain parentage, lawyers also cannot assume that an established legal parentage in one setting will apply in all other settings.
Evolving Illinois parentage laws By Jeffrey A. Parness Civil Practice and Procedure, April 2014 A look at what the trends, driven by changes in technology and human conduct toward legal parentage beyond biological ties and formal adoptions, mean for civil litigators.
House Bill 6191—The Illinois Parentage Act By Margaret A. Bennett Family Law, December 2012 Author Margaret Bennett, one of the co-drafters of the proposed legislation, summarizes the bill and offers some history as to why it's needed.
Sperm donor can keep it in his pocket By Angela Peters Family Law, October 2012 Can a biological father, who has paid child support for five years, file a Motion to Terminate the Parent/Child Relationship based on his claim that he merely donated his sperm?
Three’s a crowd: Paternity under the Illinois Parentage Act of 1984 By Joan Scott Family Law, May 2011 If there is any uncertainty as to the parentage of the child, the mother and putative father should consider DNA testing prior to signing the VAP following the child’s birth.
In re Parentage of G.E.M.: Pro se perils under the Parentage Act By Peter R. Olson General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, October 2009 Who is the legal father, the man who voluntarily acknowledged paternity or the biological father? A look at In re Parentage of G.E.M.
Reconciling parentage act cases from the past year By Adrienne W. Albrecht Family Law, April 2002 During the year 2001, and exceptional number of significant opinions considered the subtleties of the Parentage Act and its interplay with other statutes and precedent affecting children born out of wedlock.