Section Newsletter Articles on Law Students

Three reasons law students should become active ISBA members By Jessica Durkin Young Lawyers Division, October 2014 Read the three main reasons law students can benefit from active participation in the ISBA.
Do law students need a business card? By Marie K. Sarantakis Young Lawyers Division, October 2013 Some say it’s tacky, unnecessary, impractical and environmentally unfriendly—The author says it’s essential.
Tips for law students completing a judicial externship By James P. Looby Young Lawyers Division, October 2013 Some helpful tips to successfully complete a judicial externship and have the best experience possible.
ISBA visits SIU School of Law Racial and Ethnic Minorities and the Law, June 2008 On April 11-12, 2008, the ISBA Standing Committees on Women and the Law and Women and Minority Participation visited SIU School of Law in Carbondale.
Closing the gap: Why and how we should address the lack of law student involvement in the ISBA By George L. Schoenbeck Young Lawyers Division, December 2007 On November 8, 2007 I took a large step in my life by becoming a licensed attorney. After 20 straight years of school, from kindergarten through law school, I finally crossed the last threshold at the end of my formal education.