Section Newsletter Articles on Unbundling

A review: Pro se parties and unbundling in Illinois By Athena T. Taite Government Lawyers, December 2014 Providing limited scope representation is a win-win for pro se parties and the legal community.
Unbundling family law By Lisa M. Nyuli Family Law, September 2013 Limited scope representation is sure to be with us as the practice of law continues to change. Family law practitioners need to be proactive in defining what that means for us, and for our clients, so that we can provide high quality services to our clients, regardless of the task.
Unbundling, or unraveling? By Dan Breen Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, June 2012 What is unbundling? The short, and rough answer is that unbundling is a la carte legal services, where a lawyer might provide a few frames of a client’s legal picture, as needed or requested, but that lawyer will not be directing the whole movie.