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Federal Civil PracticeThe newsletter of the ISBA’s Section on Federal Civil Practice

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Newsletter articles from 2014

Arbitration clause survives expiration of contract By Michael R. Lied June 2014 A synopsis of Huffman v. The Hilltop Companies, LLC.
The Northern District of Illinois’ Settlement Assistance Program: Assuring equal justice through equal access By Jennifer Purcell April 2014 An overview of program and a look at the systemic legal and social justifications that may encourage other districts to consider adopting a similar program.
Proposed changes to federal discovery rules put premium on early case assessment By Daniel Thies April 2014 Assuming these significant changes are adopted, lawyers practicing in federal court must become familiar with them and be prepared for the additional responsibilities they impose early in the life cycle of a case.
To preliminarily enjoin or not to preliminarily enjoin? By Patrick J. Arnold Jr. June 2014 A comparison of the legal standards for preliminary injunctions for each of the Circuits.