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Newsletter articles from 2014

The benefits and drawbacks of a grant of withholding of removal By Kristin Michel January 2014 It is important to determine whether a client in removal proceedings who has a fear of being removed to her home country is eligible for asylum rather than simply withholding of removal.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich August 2014 An introduction to the issue from Editor Lew Matuszewich.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich June 2014 An introduction to the issue from editor Lew Matuszewich.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich March 2014 An introduction to the issue from Editor Lew Matuszewich.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich January 2014 An introduction to the issue from Editor Lew Matuszewich.
Employers sanctioned for failure to correctly complete I-9 forms By Michael R. Lied March 2014 Two recent cases teach that the seemingly mundane task of verifying identity and work authorization on Form I-9 is serious business.
Immigrants’ due process rights in immigration court hearings By Helen Harnett January 2014 On February 13, 2013, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decided the case of Smykiene v. Holder, which involved motions to reopen removal orders issued in absentia.
Inter-country adoptions and surrogacy: Cautionary tales By Ramsey Senno March 2014 Attorneys practicing in this field should be cognizant of the dangers and the pitfalls associated with intercountry adoption, making sure they perform their due diligence regarding all parties and issues involved.
Inter-country adoptions and surrogacy: Cautionary tales, Part II By Erika Rahden March 2014 Despite the obstacles that adoptive parents can face, international adoption is still a viable alternative for those seeking to adopt and if done correctly can create a loving and lasting family.
Kane County Bar Association initiates new Immigration Law Committee By Elizabeth McGuan January 2014 Learn more about the new committee and what they hope to discuss at upcoming meetings.
Meet the section council August 2014 Learn more about Section Chair Lynne Ostfeld and member David Aubrey.
Meet the Section Council June 2014 Learn more about Section Council member Glen L. Bower.
Memorandum to potential authors August 2014 Everything you need to know about writing an article for this newsletter.
Message from the Chair By Lynne R. Ostfeld August 2014 A message from Section Chair Lynne Ostfeld.
Press release March 2014 Sign up now for the 9th Annual Silk Road Conference to be held May 16th in Chicago.
Press release January 2014 Sign up for this fascinating and educational seminar.
Prosecutorial discretion and administrative closure in immigration law: A new adjudicatory rule By Patrick M. Kinnally June 2014 At first blush, it may seem curious that the concept of prosecutorial discretion has any pertinence to immigration cases. As we know, prosecutors have unmitigated powers in charging individuals with crimes, opting not to bring a charge at all, or making recommendations concerning plea bargains, sentencing, or conferring immunity to the accused, as well as witnesses.
Real estate in Israel—Prepare for probate By Deborah Opolion-Elovic January 2014 A look at the Israeli laws and procedures relating to a U.S. citizen who dies leaving real estate in Israel, and practical advice to those who currently hold real estate in Israel to ease the property's future transfer.
Recent cases June 2014 Recent cases of interest to international and immigration law practitioners.
Recent cases March 2014 Cases of interest to international & immigration law practitioners.
Recent cases January 2014 Recent cases of interest to international & immigration law practitioners.
Recent decisions clarifying the “particular social group” requirement make it easier for former gang members to get asylum By Tania Linare Garcia June 2014 In recent years, asylum claims brought by former gang members have failed because of the development of strict judicially-imposed requirements to asylum and withholding of removal.
Save money in international law by performing your own Chinese legal research By Paul Kossof August 2014 This article first provides a general model for how to perform Chinese legal research and discusses each step in the model to enable the reader to perform his or her own research. It then suggests specific legal services, provides other ways of obtaining English-based legal information, and determines when foreign attorneys must rely on Chinese legal counsel
Streamlined Offshore Disclosure for U.S. residents By James Creech August 2014 The IRS has made some signification changes to offshore disclosure as part of the Foreign Account Compliance Tax Act reporting that went into effect July 1, 2014. 
Women in conflict—A UN response By Cindy G. Buys and Julia Kaye Wykoff June 2014 Rather than conventional war tools such as guns, tanks, and bombs, raping and abusing women seemingly became a favorite tactic in many war-torn countries.