Need Legal Help?

Sometimes, and for better or worse, we need help navigating the laws that govern our rights and responsibilities, personal and business relationships, and interactions with others. Whether you are starting a business, preparing for a significant life event, seeking relief for an injury or from harm that someone else caused, lawyers are trained to know the law and the complex procedures necessary to enforce and/or protect your rights.

Find a Lawyer

The ISBA can help you find a lawyer who can help you with your legal issue and provides the public with a free searchable directory of its members by location and practice area. We also make referrals by phone. For more information about our phone referrals and free online directory, visit our Illinois Lawyer Finder page.

Can't Afford a Lawyer?

For people who need legal help but can't afford to pay for a lawyer, government resources often are available.

Learn about Lawyers

If hiring a lawyer sounds intimidating or expensive, remember that a lawyer's sole job is to help you. A lawyer is your advocate who uses his or her knowledge and experience to serve your interests and help you achieve your goals. With a lawyer, you can feel secure in seeking advice and getting a worthwhile return on your investment.

Self Help

While nonlawyers can't represent others in court or in legal matters, a person can represent themselves. While representing oneself may not be the best idea, the ISBA's Self Help page provides free resources to those who'd like to try.