IllinoisLawyerFinder Phone Referral Service

Get a 30-minute consultation for no more than $25!

How does your phone service work?

1. Call 800-922-8757 Monday – Friday between 9:00 – 3:00: the referral clerk will need only basic information (your name, address, brief description of legal need) and will then refer you to a lawyer in the geographic area requested. (All information provided will be treated as strictly confidential.)

2.  Contact the referred lawyer's office to make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. The lawyer will not contact you. Be sure you tell the lawyer you were referred by the Lawyer Referral Service so you will receive the special rate for the first half-hour.

After the initial consultation, you are under no obligation to proceed with the referred lawyer if additional service is needed. It is up to you to authorize the lawyer to proceed on your behalf.

How much does the lawyer charge?

First of all, be aware that you are not obligated to hire the lawyer, and the lawyer is not obligated to represent you. If you decide to authorize the lawyer to take action to assist you with your legal needs, be sure to discuss the fee for further services.

How are participating lawyers selected?

The lawyers who volunteer to participate in the Lawyer Referral Service must be licensed and registered with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Illinois Supreme Court and must carry professional liability insurance. We ask participating lawyers to indicate the legal areas in which they practice. Thus, you will be referred to a lawyer according to geographic location and the type of legal problem. Names of lawyers are given out on a rotating basis.

Can I get a lawyer who is a specialist?

The Illinois Supreme Court does not have a program for certifying lawyers as "specialists" in a particular legal area. Therefore, we cannot represent to you that a lawyer participating in the program has any special abilities or expertise in any specific legal area. We will refer you to a lawyer who has indicated that he or she accepts cases matching your legal need. You should ask the lawyer at the first appointment about his or her experience in the field of law in which you need help.

Do you have any Spanish and other foreign language-speaking lawyers?

Yes, some of our lawyers speak Spanish or other languages, though we may not be able to find one in your geographic area who handles your kind of legal problem.