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Legal Information

Our library of short brochures and videos are designed to help you understand common legal issues, your rights, your responsibilities, and the steps you can take to resolve common legal matters.

Your Business

Whether you are starting a new business or are a long-time business owner, our business resources will help you navigate everything from business organization to labor and employment laws.

Your Car

Read about legal matters concerning your vehicle. Get the facts that could help put you in the driver's seat.

Your Family

Marriage. Divorce. Children. Pets. Learn how to deal with any number of legal issues related to your family.

Your Finances

Learn what to do if you're facing bankruptcy, identity theft, debt, and other issues. You will find information that could save you money and stress.

Your Healthcare

Whatever your health circumstances, you'll feel better knowing you've taken care of every legal aspect. Find information about power of attorney, patient rights, living wills, and more.

Your Home

Home sweet home? Often, yes. But not always. Whether you're a buyer, seller, landlord, or renter, know your rights and shelter yourself from financial harm.

Your Job

Understand the basics of employment law and better navigate your relationship with your employer.

Your Personal Rights

Your have many rights as well as civic responsibilities, especially regarding voting and jury duty.


From military registration to laws helping soldiers returning from duty, this guide includes valuable information for supporting those who bravely serve the U.S.

The Legal System

Learn about the role you play in the legal system as a resident of Illinois, including your rights, responsibilities, and even how you can begin a career in the law.

Disaster Services

Find answers and know where to get help when natural disasters strike.

Learn about Lawyers

Lawyers are trained to understand, interpret, and improve the law—and to advocate on your behalf. Learn more about how a lawyer can help you resolve your legal issues.