The Illinois State Bar Association is a not-for-profit, voluntary-membership association, composed of more than 30,000 lawyer members.

In addition to providing professional services for lawyers, the Association strives to inform the public about their rights and responsibilities under the law, about the qualifications of candidates for judicial office, about the availability of legal services in all parts of the state, and other useful information for the public. Detailed information for the public is available at

Legal Information

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Illinois Lawyer Finder

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the ISBA give legal advice?
  • I want to file a complaint against a lawyer…
  • Is this person a member of the ISBA?

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Judicial Evaluations

Click on your county to see ratings of judicial candidates on your ballot. Be informed before you vote!

Civics Education

Our Law Related Education Resources provides teachers with valuable tools and information for their classrooms like:

  • Illinois Law and Leadership Institute;
  • High School Mock Trials;
  • Lesson Plans and Activities;
  • and more.

For Reporters

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