Privacy Policy

The Illinois State Bar Association ("ISBA") is committed to protecting the privacy of its members and public users of its website. All members and public users should consult the ISBA's Website Statement on Terms of Use, Copyright, and Disclaimers before using this website. The ISBA has created this Privacy Policy to explain its practices on the gathering and disclosure of information from this website.

If you have questions about this privacy policy or would like to contact the ISBA about it, you may do so via the following:

Postal Address:
Illinois State Bar Association
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Phone: 217-525-1760 or 800-252-8908

Fax: 217-525-0712

1. Collecting Information:

The ISBA automatically collects and stores information from all users of this website.

ISBA Cookies: "Cookies" are pieces of data that a website can send to a browser which may be stored on your computer. Many website browsers allow cookies, but you may edit your browser's options to block them. The ISBA uses cookies on its website to provide basic functionality to the website for purposes such as logging into the system and enhancing access to the features of this website.

Third-Party Cookies: Third-party cookies are used on the ISBA website through Google Analytics to track the traffic on this website. Google analytics uses its own cookies to perform this function, so the information Google gathers is governed by its privacy policy which may be found at The ISBA is not responsible for Google's use of private information. Some web browsers can block third-party cookies, and it is the responsibility of the individual user to decline those cookies if they wish.

Third-party cookies may also be used on this website through advertisements from third-parties. The ISBA is not responsible for the use of information gathered by these third-parties.

ISBA Login System: The ISBA's login system allows members to reset their password by a link sent via e-mail. For this reason, multiple members cannot share a single e-mail address. When logged in, users can access and update their contact and demographic information. For this reason, if you logged in on a public or shared computer, you should log out when done to best protect your privacy.

2. Using Collected Information:

The ISBA (including its affiliates, agents, contractors, and others with whom it has business relationships) uses collected information for a variety of purposes which may include facilitating the proper functioning of the website and tracking information.

In addition to the uses identified above, the ISBA uses member information, which may include information collected on the website, for a variety of purposes including:

E-mails: ISBA sends e-mails to its members, former members, and others for various purposes, including but not limited to, CLE opportunities, practice information, member benefit information, and more. If you do not wish to receive e-mail communications from the ISBA, please contact

Surveys: From time to time the ISBA may ask members, former members, and others to complete membership or other surveys either on-line or in print format. These surveys may ask for contact information or demographic information. The specific use of these surveys is identified with the survey.

Discussion Groups: The ISBA makes listserve discussion groups available to its members and participation in those discussions are governed by this privacy policy and the ISBA's Discussion Group Policy.

E-Commerce: The ISBA allows members and others to order products and services through this website. Information collected during this process is used to verify membership (if applicable) and bill for the products and services.

Submitting certain member information is strictly voluntary. By doing so, the member is giving the ISBA permission to use the information for the intended purpose.

3. Sharing Public User Information:

The ISBA does not share public user information with entities that are not affiliated with the ISBA or otherwise unrelated to it by contract, agreement, or other legal or business arrangement. The ISBA may, however, share with third parties certain aggregated, non-personal information, such as the number of users who clicked on a particular website feature, advertisement, or icon. The ISBA does not sell or rent public user information to third parties. Nothing herein prevents the ISBA from responding to government or legal requests for information.

4. Sharing Member Information:

From time to time and as necessary to provide and facilitate the provision of member services or Association information, the ISBA shares member information with third-party vendors. Such member information may include: name, address, phone number, fax, membership status, membership identification number, and member email. The ISBA is not responsible for a vendor's improper use of member information. The ISBA is also not responsible for the use of information the member shares directly with third-party vendors (for example, an e-mail address, phone number, or other personal information a member supplies to Fastcase, FastCLE, or JobTarget as part of its registration process). The ISBA may share certain aggregated, non-personal member information, such as the number of users who clicked on a particular website feature, advertisement, or icon with affiliated entities, entities that are otherwise related to the ISBA by contract, agreement or other legal or business arrangement, or third parties in the normal course of carrying out the ISBA's activities.

The ISBA does not sell or rent member's e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or fax numbers.

The ISBA does periodically rent its mailing list (including the names and physical addresses of members) on a selective basis to qualified users as a non-dues source of revenue. Members may choose not to be included in this mailing list by contacting

5. Member Directory:

The ISBA provides a member directory for member only use that includes by default all ISBA members by name, city, company, and title (if available). Members may opt-out of this service. In addition, members may choose to provide additional information for the directory such as contact or practice information by activating their profile. This information will be available to all ISBA members on the directory.  

6. Links to Other Websites:

This website sometimes provides links to other websites. The ISBA has no control over and is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of those websites. Any material viewed, accessed, downloaded, relied upon, or otherwise obtained through these websites are at your own discretion and risk. The ISBA does not represent, warrant, or guarantee that use of such sites will be free from loss, corruption, viruses, malware, hacking, or other security intrusions.

7. Other ISBA Websites:

The ISBA operates several websites for the benefit of public users and members. These websites are covered by this Privacy Policy and governed by the ISBA's Website Statement on Terms of Use, Copyright, and Disclaimers.

8. Third-party ISBA Social Media Platforms:

The ISBA has established platforms on third-party hosted social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and others. ISBA has established these platforms for the benefit of members and public users. These platforms are covered by this Privacy Policy and the ISBA's website Terms and Conditions and Email Discussion Group Policies. Users of these platforms are cautioned that they are hosted by third-parties and governed by the privacy, terms and conditions, and other policies of the third-party host.

9. Minors:

In order to respect the privacy of minors, the ISBA does not knowingly collect, maintain, or process personal information submitted online by anyone under the age of 18.

10. Security:

The ISBA takes reasonable security measures to protect against the loss or misuse of information under its control. We do not guarantee that our security measures will work. The ISBA does not represent, warrant, or guarantee that its websites or social media platforms will eliminate all potential for loss, corruption, viruses, malware, hacking, or other security breaches.  

11. Privacy Policy Changes:

The ISBA may change this Privacy Policy without notice to members or public users. The ISBA urges members and public users to periodically review it.

Effective December 8, 2020