About the ISBA

Founded in 1877, the Illinois State Bar Association is the premier legal association in the state. As a voluntary organization of more than 28,000 members, the Association aims to assist Illinois lawyers in the practice of law and to promote improvements in the administration of justice.

The Association engages in many important activities on behalf of the profession — among them proposing and shaping legislation, educating the public, and supporting the courts and the rule of law.

Advocacy for the Profession

The ISBA is the voice of the Illinois legal profession. In this role it advocates for the interests of lawyers, as well as the legal services consuming public. It strives to:

  • improve and develop laws and regulations affecting substantive and process rights and responsibilities of Illinois' citizens;
  • support the rule of law and good legal and judicial processes; and
  • maintain and improve professional standards to ensure the efficient and effective practice of law.

Find out what the ISBA does to advocate on behalf of the legal profession on our Advocacy page.

Giving Back

ISBA members give back to both the legal and greater community in a number of ways including:

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Visit our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion page to find out about our ongoing efforts to diversify our profession and organization.


Visit our Awards page to nominate that special lawyer for the recognition they deserve.

For Reporters

Visit our For Reporters page for:

  • Assistance with arranging interviews with ISBA member lawyers;
  • Information about the ISBA and the Illinois Bar Foundation; and
  • Information about the Law.

Advertise with Us

Find out more about Advertising Opportunities to reach 28,000 attorneys in Illinois through our:

  • Illinois Bar Journal
  • Digital Advertising
  • Directories and Classified, and
  • Direct Mail lists