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During the past few years, our Law-Related Education Newsletter has provided information on Abraham Lincoln resources. We’ve excerpted some of our favorite Lincoln links for your convenience, and have added a few more. 

Places Lincoln Knew

To give your students a taste of what life was like while Mr. Lincoln was studying to become a lawyer, visit the New Salem State Historic Site on line at

Lincoln’s Home – the only home he ever owned is in Springfield and is part of the National Park Service.

The Depot – Lincoln made his last speech to his friends in Springfield, Illinois, as he departed for Washington, D.C. from this location.

Lincoln’s Law Office in downtown Springfield, Illinois

Springfield’s Old State Capitol

Lincoln-Douglas Debates Resources:  For a map and a list of locations and dates, visit

For debate transcripts, visit

For a more complete list of places Lincoln knew in Illinois at elsewhere, visit

Lincoln’s other White House was the Anderson Cottage in Washington, DC.

Other Illinois Lincoln-Related Locations to Visit

Lincoln’s Tomb in Springfield, Illinois

Lincoln Memorial Gardens

Looking for Lincoln website, that offers additional options and information

Lincoln’s Words

Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents can be found at

Some of Mr. Lincoln’s more famous quotes are posted at

Some of Mr. Lincoln’s more famous speeches are posted at

Additional Lincoln Links

The Lincoln Legal Papers Curriculum:  Understanding Illinois' social history through documents form the Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln, 1836-1861.  Available online at:

Visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library in Springfield, Illinois.

Here’s a chronology of Lincoln’s war years:

Want to see which Amendments to the Constitution had been adopted by 1861 when Lincoln took office as President?  Visit:

A reading list of books on Lincoln is available.  Reading resources are listed by age group and are divided into fiction and non-fiction categories.  Visit

View the Abraham Lincoln Association's bibliography:  The Association also has a section dedicated to lesson plans for teachers:

Cultural depictions of Abraham Lincoln can be researched at Wikipedia!  The lists include books, poems, films, statues, and more.  Visit

Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project presents historical materials from A. Lincoln’s Illinois years (1830-1860), including writings and speeches.

Lincoln information from the Library of Congress is available at

The White House has a link designed to introduce children to Lincoln.  Visit

Many of the Abraham Lincoln Association's scholarly contributions to the Lincoln story over the past 100 years may be found in their virtual library.

Many photos of Mr. Lincoln are available for viewing at

Massive amounts of Lincoln information are available at Abraham Lincoln Online:

If you’re in the Chicago area you might want to drop in at the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop,

A resource for scholars and groups involved in the study of the life of Abraham Lincoln, featuring a weekly quiz, maps, political cartoons and commentary, links to web resources and a teacher section

If you have a resource, lesson plan, or link you think we should include, please e-mail the information to Kim Furr

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