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Working with Clients

Ask an Expert

Practice HQ now includes two easy ways for ISBA members to get their legal technology and law practice management questions answered by an expert at Affinity Consulting Group. At no cost, members can now email their question to an expert or schedule a one-on-one, remote consultation.

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Improving Client Communication

Process Workflow Worksheet

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  • Email Etiquette Checklist

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Products and Services

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  • 5 Client Interview Tips for Bankruptcy Cases
  • Best Practices for Attorney Client Relationships

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ISBA Advisory Opinions on Professional Conduct

  • Impaired Client 17-01, and 12-10
  • Client Fraud upon a Tribunal 13-05, and 95-14
  • Sharing Discovery with Client Accused of Crime 13-10
  • Duties to Missing Client 03-04, 89-13, and 88-04

Other Ethics Resources

  • Illinois Rule of Professional Conduct 1.4 Communication
  • Illinois Rule of Professional Conduct 1.14 Client with Diminished Capacity
  • Illinois Rule of Professional Conduct 1.16 Declining or Terminating Representation
  • Illinois Rule of Professional Conduct 2.1 Advisor
  • Illinois Rule of Professional Conduct 3.3 Candor Toward the Tribunal

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