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Fastcase is free legal research for members of the ISBA sponsored by ISBA Mutual Insurance.

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More Fastcase Information


  • Federal Administrative Law: New and Updated Resources
    Tom Gaylord
    Illinois Bar Journal, March 2016

    A fresh look at the many free resources available for researching federal regulations and agencies.

  • Do your legal research… Very well!
    Michael J. Maslanka
    Real Property, January 2016

    Some thoughts on spelling, hyphens and terminology when conducting legal research.

  • How Do I Research That? Find a LibGuide
    Tom Gaylord
    Illinois Bar Journal, March 2013

    The LibGuide system connects to thousands of free research guides.

  • A New Tool for Federal Legislative Research
    Tom Gaylord
    Illinois Bar Journal, November 2012 will soon succeed THOMAS as the go-to site for federal legislative research.

  • Legal research advances
    Jessica J. Burke
    Standing Committee on Legal Technology, January 2012

    It is indisputable that technology has become a necessity in legal research. As technology advances it is exciting to imagine how it will further affect legal research.

  • Is the Law You Cite Authenticated? Does It Matter?
    Tom Gaylord
    Illinois Bar Journal, January 2011

    Should the government, not vendors, produce "official" versions of the law?

  • Using Adobe Acrobat for your legal research
    Bryan Sims
    Standing Committee on Legal Technology, September 2010

    By printing a case to PDF, you can leverage technology to make your research more user-friendly and accessible.

  • Efficient and effective Internet research for young lawyers
    Jennifer Walsh Hammer
    YLDNews, August 2010

    A helpful guide to doing your best research.

  • Online research tools
    Cristen E. Meadows
    YLDNews, April 2010

    Free legal research is available, and only a click away!

  • The Google-ization of Legal Research Continues - This Time Literally
    Tom Gaylord
    Illinois Bar Journal, January 2010

    Google now offers its own searchable case law database.

  • Research resources from Illinois Academic Law Libraries
    Tom Gaylord
    The Public Servant, September 2009

    A handy guide to the websites of many law libraries.

  • Sources of Illinois Legal Research
    Tom Gaylord
    Illinois Bar Journal, May 2009

    These bibliographies help you find Illinois research tools on your topic.

  • Helen W. Gunnarsson
    Illinois Bar Journal, April 2009

    Whether you make it your primary online research tool or use it to supplement Westlaw or Lexis, Fastcase can save you money. Lots of it. Here’s how.

  • News Flash: Illinois Appellate Court cases decided prior to 1935 are not precedential
    Lisle A. Stalter
    The Public Servant, September 2007

    One thing that I have learned over the years is that there is always something new to learn in the law.

  • Legal Research and the Threat of the Available
    Thomas Keefe
    Illinois Bar Journal, November 2006

    Is print research disappearing in the age of Google?

  • Finding Haystacks: Context in Legal Research
    Thomas Keefe
    Illinois Bar Journal, September 2005

    A necessary first step in legal research is to identify what an answer might look like and where one might find it.

  • The 80/20 Rule of Legal Research
    Thomas Keefe
    Illinois Bar Journal, May 2005

    The 80/20 rule has implications for how you do–and pay for–legal research.

  • Getting Your Research Bearings; Dead Reckoning v the Sextant
    Paul D. Callister
    Illinois Bar Journal, January 2004

    Sometimes research still works best with books, and sometimes it works better on the computer. We're still trying to figure out why and when.

  • Ten Tips for Starting Your Research Right
    Mark E. Wojcik
    Illinois Bar Journal, July 2003

    New lawyers and summer clerks, listen up: you're researching real cases now. Here are some pointers to help you with the critical first task of any research assignment; determining its scope and limits.

  • Legal Research and the Ballad of John Henry
    Paul D. Callister
    Illinois Bar Journal, May 2003

    The rise of electronic sources has changed legal research forever, and it may be changing the nature of law itself.

  • Law Librarians Can Help You Save Money and Do Better Research
    Peter A. Hook
    Illinois Bar Journal, July 2002

    You can use a librarian to conduct research more effectively, even if you don't have one on staff.