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E-Filing Service Provider Comparison

  • Comparison Chart of Certified E-Filing Service Providers (EFSPs)

PDF Software Comparison

  • Comparison Chart of PDF Programs

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Understanding how to use PDF software is essential to e-filing. Here are some videos to help you master the most common PDF programs.

  • Adobe Acrobat - OCR
  • Adobe Acrobat - Redaction
  • Adobe Acrobat - Reduced File Size
  • Adobe Acrobat - Security and Permissions
  • Adobe Acrobat - Signature Stamp
  • Adobe Acrobat - Bookmarks
  • Adobe Acrobat - Bates Numbering
  • Adobe Acrobat - Comments and Markup
  • Adobe Acrobat - Typewriter Tool
  • Foxit Phantom Technology - PDF

More Videos


  • Choosing an E-Filing Service Provider
    Ed Finkel
    Illinois Bar Journal, November 2017

    At the top of every lawyer's to-do list before mandatory e-filing takes effect is choosing an e-filing service provider. Early adopters discuss the various options and why you might choose one over another.

  • E-Filing: Does the ‘E’ Stand for Easy?
    Jennifer Ramovs
    Illinois Bar Journal, October 2017

    Creating PDF files is essential for e-filing. Find out which PDF software is right for you.

  • Ed Finkel
    Illinois Bar Journal, June 2017

    Illinois attorneys soon will have to file civil cases electronically. Here's how you can be ready on day one.

  • The many faces of e-filing
    Hon. E. Kenneth Wright Jr.
    Bench & Bar, May 2016

    An update on the status of electronic filing of papers in Illinois courts.

  • Mandatory E-Filing Is Coming
    Ed Finkel
    Illinois Bar Journal, March 2016

    Effective January 1, 2018, electronic filing will be mandatory in all 102 counties in Illinois. How will it work? Attorneys and judges share their hopes and concerns.

  • E-filing in the real estate realm - MyDec
    Matthew Hector
    Illinois Bar Journal, October 2017

    MyDec, used by 25 Illinois counties and the city of Chicago, enables lawyers to file real estate transfer tax declarations online.

  • Email service - it’s the law
    Matthew Hector
    Illinois Bar Journal, October 2017

    Heads up, lawyers and judges - effective last July, email service is required and service by fax is dead.

  • Matthew Hector
    Illinois Bar Journal, August 2017

    A recent court order requires circuits with existing e-filing programs to switch to the statewide eFileIL system by July 1, 2018.

  • E-mail service: Ready or not, it has arrived
    Mark C. Palmer
    Standing Committee on Legal Technology, November 2016

    In accordance with Supreme Court Rule 131(d)(1), attorneys filing or serving documents in any cause must include an email address on the document.

  • Matthew Hector
    Illinois Bar Journal, October 2016

    The AOIC has hired a Texas firm to create a statewide e-filing system, which is scheduled to roll out next year in the supreme and appellate court.