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  • When do You Need a Server?
  • In House or Hosted Servers?
  • What is Microsoft Exchange?
  • Operating Systems for a Law Firm
  • Types of Notebook Computers
  • Surge Suppressors and UPS
  • Building a Technology Budget
  • Finding the Best Deals on Legal Technology
  • Lawyer's Guide to Buying a Laptop
  • Lawyer's Guide to Buying a Desktop
  • How To Choose an Internet Service Provider
  • Back it Up!

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Products and Services

E-Filing Service Provider Comparisons

  • Comparison Chart of Certified E-Filing Service Providers


  • Printer Recommendations
  • Scanner Recommendations
  • Fax Recommendations

Software Comparison Charts

  • Ultimate Legal Technology Comparison Guide
  • PDF Program Comparison Chart
  • Office 365 Comparison Chart
  • VoIP Vendor Comparison Chart
  • Web Meeting Vendor Comparison Chart
  • Password Manager Comparison Chart

Hardware and Software

Virtual Receptionist

Web Design

Document Assembly

More Products and Services


  • Adobe Acrobat - Bookmarks
  • Adobe Acrobat - Bates Numbering
  • Adobe Acrobat - Comments and Markup
  • Adobe Acrobat - OCR
  • Adobe Acrobat - Redaction
  • Adobe Acrobat - Reduced File Size
  • Adobe Acrobat - Security and Permissions
  • Adobe Acrobat - Signature Stamp
  • Adobe Acrobat - Typewriter Tool
  • Foxit Phantom Technology - PDF
  • Excel Basics
  • Outlook 2013 - Quick Steps
  • Outlook - Tasks and ToDos
  • Play Nice! Working with Word and WordPerfect
  • Power Point for Legal Professionals
  • Quick Takes for Your Practice: Microsoft Office 365
  • Quick Takes for Your Practice: WHy E-Discovery is Nothing to Fear
  • Tech Tip: Virtual Private Networks for Attorneys
  • Tech Tip: iPad Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Tech Tip: Using the Paste Special Feature in Microsoft products for Attorneys
  • Tech Tip: Mobile Computing Power Options for Attorneys
  • Tech Tip: Securing online document storage for Attorneys
  • Tech Tip: How to use the Snipping Tool to take a Screenshot for Attorneys
  • Top 10 Word Tips with Barron Henley
  • Word - Compare Docs Track Changes and Metadata
  • Word - Page Numbering
  • Word 2010 Basics
  • Word 2013 New Features and Recommended Defaults Settings

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  • New Firm Technology Checklist
  • Essential Questions for your Managed Service Provider

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ISBA Advisory Opinions on Professional Conduct

  • Using Third-Party and Cloud Technology 16-06, 10-01
  • Use of Listservs or Online Discussion Groups 12-15

More ISBA Ethics Resources

Free Online CLE

  • Outlook for MAC
  • Using a MAC in a Windows World
  • Google Apps (G Suite) Power Hour
  • Excel Power Hour
  • Power Point Power Hour
  • Outlook Power Hour
  • Styles: Understanding Microsoft Word's Most Important Feature
  • Avoid Malpractice: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Legal Technology
  • How to Build a Technology Plan for Your Firm
  • Technology and the Rules
  • The Case for Macintosh: Why Being the Only Mac User in Your Office Can Make a Difference
  • Your Office - Don't Leave Home Without It
  • PDF Power Hour
  • Hardware and Software - You Bought it, You've Got it...Now Use It!

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